1st India Software Engineering Conference
Feb 19-22, 2008



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The workshops will be held on the last day i.e. 22 Feb,2008. The workshops in ISEC2008 are planned as group discussion and brainstorming activity, leading to defining of research agenda and problems. To facilitate this discussion, some talks have been organized. Others from attendees can also make presentations, if the organizers agree.

  • Workshop 1 :
    Knowledge Based Software Engineering

    Organizer : Prof. T. V. Prabhakar, IIT Kanpur and Dr Ravi Gorti Infosys, Bangalore

    Software development is a knowledge intensive activity. From simple programming, to design, testing, to project management – all stages benefit by 'previous experience' in that activity and domain. The advent of the semantic web has brought the focus back on this question - how can we capture, model and use knowledge. Ontologies to capture domain knowledge is one such example.

    This workshop will explore these questions and look at example of how knowledge based models and technologies are helping large scale software development.

  • Tentative program

    9 – 11, Session I:

    ·         Rajesh Balakrishnan, Ravi Gorti Infosys

    KB techniques in SW Maintenance and Project Management

    ·         Kiran Kumar, IIT Kanpur

    Towards Building Application-generic Knowledge for Architecture and Design

    ·         Madhusudan, Rao, Satyam

    Software Engineering in the age of Web2.0

    ·         Speakers from attendees: (5 - 10 mts each)

    ·         Discussion (30 mts – 60 mts)

    11 – 11:30 : Coffee Break

    11:30 – 1:30: Session II,

    ·         Dr Hiranmay Ghosh, TCS

    Towards Semantic Multimedia Web

    ·         Soudip R Chowdhury, IBM

    3 C’s (content, context and contract) – Building blocks for next generation Service Oriented Architecture

    ·         Speakers from attendees (5-10 mts each):

    ·         Discussion (30 – 60 mts)

    1:30: Workshop Ends


  • Workshop 2 :
    Software as a service and Cloud Computing
    (download as pdf)
    Organizer : Kishore S. Swaminathan, Accenture and Pankaj Jalote, IIT Delhi

    Cloud computing has captured the popular imagination with potentially significant ramifications on how IT services are done. This workshop will explore what cloud computing is and emerging directions and explore the relationships among cloud, utility, SaaS and desktop clouds among others. The workshop will explore the maturity of the field, problems that are yet to be solved, new problems (such as data privacy) that the cloud paradigm raises, and identify where cloud computing is likely to make its biggest technical and business impact.

    The workshops will have two sessions. Each session will have 2-3 speakers, who will also lead the discussion. The workshop encourages delegates to also make short presentations about their views. If any attendee wants to make a presentation, kindly contact the organizers (Pankaj Jalote or Kishore Swaminathan)

Tentative program

9 – 11, Session I: Clouds Computing and SaaS

9:00-9:10: Opening Remarks by Prof. Pankaj Jalote

9:10-9:40: Dr. Santonu Sarkar, Accenture. “SaaS and Cloud Computing – a Vision”.

9:40-10:20: Srikant Karnakota, Microsoft. “Software + Services - The better model for IT adoption in India!”

10:20-10:40: Rajive Chittajallu, Yahoo. “Distributed Data Processing in a Cloud”.

10:40-11:00: Discussion

11 – 11:30 : Coffee Break

11:30 – 1:30: Session II, Applications and Supporting Technologies

11:30-12:00: Anand Gupta, TCS. “TCS InstantApps: Saas behind the firewall”.

12:00-12:30: Gopal Kakivaya, Microsoft. “Microsoft SQL Data Services”.

Speakers from attendees (5-10 mts each)

Discussion (30 – 60 mts)

1:30: Workshop Ends

  • Workshop 3 and 4 :
    Birds of a Feather Session, 9 - 11 (W3), 11:30 - 1:30 (W4)

    Topics: To be decided by delegates. (ISEC encourages a discussion/workshop on topics that some delegates may decide. An attendee can propose to lead a discussion group on a topic. It is suggested, that there be at least one leader for these workshops. ISEC attendees can sign up during the main conference for these workshops. If you want to lead any such a discussion, kindly contact the workshop Chair, Dr. TV Prabhakar.

    1:30 onwards : Lunch