research group members

Ph.D Students
  1. Sandeep Kumar 
  2. Nivedita Shrivastava
  3. Akanksha Dixit
  4. Rahul Kanyal
  5. Shruti Pandey
  6. Abhisek Panda
  7. Ani Sunny
  8. Aman Shreshtha (co-advisor: Prof. Brejesh Lall)
  9. Kranti Roy
Graduated Ph.D Students
  1. Dr. Priyanka Singla (July, 2023)
    Thesis title: Efficient Architectures and Networks for Energy Harvesting Systems
    First job: Intel, Bangalore
  2. Dr. Shubhankar Suman Singh (May, 2023)
    Thesis title: A Comparative Approach for Understanding, Analyzing, and Predicting the Behavior of Full Systems
    First job: Huawei Research, Bangalore
  3. Dr. Diksha Moolchandani (co-advisor Prof. Anshul Kumar) (March, 2022)
    Thesis title: Scheduling and Characterization of Computer Vision Workloads on Heterogeneous Systems
    First job: IMEC, Belgium
  4. Dr. Hameedah Sultan (Oct, 2021).
    Thesis title: Ultra-Fast Temperature Estimation Methods for Architecture-Level Thermal Modeling.
    First job: Qualcomm, Singapore
  5. Dr. Janibul Bashir (June, 2020)
    Thesis title: Leveraging Silicon Nanophotonics for On-chip and Off-chip Communication
    First job: NIT Srinagar 
  6. Dr. Neetu Jindal (co-advisor: Prof. Preeti Panda) (October, 2019)
    Thesis title: Reusing Design-for-debug Hardware to Enhance Performance
    First job:  Intel, Bangalore
  7. Dr. Prathmesh Kallurkar (October, 2018) [Doctoral distinction in resesarch]
    Thesis title: Architectural Support for Enhanced Performance of OS Intensive Applications
    First job:  Intel Research Labs, Bangalore
  8. Dr. Sandeep Chandran (co-advisor Prof. Preeti Panda)(November, 2017) [FITT award: Best industrially relevant PhD thesis]
    Thesis title: FlexDFD: Flexible DFD Hardware For Efficient Post-Silicon Validation
    Award: Best industrially relevant Ph.D by FITT, IIT Delhi
    First job:  AMD Bangalore. (Now faculty in IIT Palakkad)
  9. Dr. Rajshekar Kalayappan (September, 2017)
    Thesis title: Employing Redundancy based Techniques to provide Reliability, Security, and Accountability in Modern Processors
    First job:  Assistant Professor, IIT Dharwad
  10. Dr. Gayathri Ananthanarayanan  (co-advisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan) (Aug 2017)
    Thesis title: Techniques to Estimate and Mitigate the Effects of Thermal Coupling and Process Variation in Manycore Processors
    First job:  Post-doc NUS Singapore
  11. Dr. Eldhose Peter (Jan 2017)
    Thesis title: Power-efficient On-chip Optical Interconnects
    First job: NVidia Bangalore
  12. Dr. Pooja Aggarwal (June 2016)
    Thesis Title: Theory and Applications of Non-Blocking Slot Schedulers
    First job: IBM Research Labs, Bangalore

M.Tech/ M.S/Dual Students

  1. Raheen Junaid Wani (MSR)
  2. Anannya Mathur (MSR)

  1. Yashashwee Chakraborty
  2. Soham Nag
  3. Rohit V. (MSR)

  1. Akshin Singh (MSR) (first job: Qualcomm Bangalore)
  2. Mehul Bose (first job: AMD, Delhi)
  3. Bivas Dutta (first job: Oracle, Bangalore)
  4. Harshit Verma (first job: General Electric, Hyderabad) [Suresh Chandra Memorial award for the best M.Tech thesis in software systems]
  5. Nikita Bhamu (first job: Amazon, Bangalore) [Suresh Chandra Memorial award for the best M.Tech thesis in software systems]

    1. Dipika Tanwar (first job: Samsung Technologies)
    2. Satyam Jay (first job: Pepperfry Technologies)

    1. Anjali Agrawal (first job: Intel) [FITT award: Best industrially relevant M.Tech thesis]
    2.  K. Yadav (Air Force Officer)
    3. Samiksha Agarwal (first job: Indie Semiconductors, Edinburgh, Scotland)

     1. Shashank Varshney (first job: Intel
     2. Ankit Gola (first job: Intel)
     3. Anand Singh (first job: Dell)
     4. Ravi Shankar Singh (first job: PayU Technologies)


  1. Apoorva Temurnikar (first job: Intel)
  2. Sakshi Goel (first job: Goldman Sachs)
  3. Bhumika Singh (first job: Goldman Sachs)
  4. Saurabh Kapoor (first job: Intel)
    1. Srishty Patel (first job: Microsoft)
     2. Pallavi Sethi (first job: Microsoft)
     3. Sanjog Patil (first job: Cypress)

  1. Hameedah Sultan (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
  2. Priyanka Bhayana (first job: Oracle)
  3. Coca Sai Prajeeth (first job: Google)
  4. Akriti Bagaria (first job: Intel)
  5. Karishma Agarwal (first job: Oracle) [Suresh Chandra Memorial award for the best M.Tech thesis in software systems]
  6. Seep Goel (first job: IBM Research)
  7. Ishani Mahajan (first job: Cisco)
  8. Arpit Katiyar (first job: Samsung Research)
  9. Monica Mahsalkar (first job: Citibank)
  10. T. A. Mahadevan (first job: Netapp)
  1. Geetika Malhotra (first job: Intel) [Suresh Chandra Memorial award for the best M.Tech thesis in software systems]
  2. Rohan Bhalla (first job: Samsung)
  3. Anuj Arora (first job: Cisco)
        1.  Eldhose Peter (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
        2.  Nitin Gupta (first job: Amazon)
        3.  Mayur Harne (first job: Nvidia)
        4. Harsh Prasad (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)

        1.  Rajshekar Kalayappan (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
        2.  Prathmesh Kallurkar (first job: joined Ph.D at IIT Delhi)
        3.  Moksh Upadhyay (first job: IBM Microelectronics)
        4. Abhishek Sagar  (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan) (first job: Adobe Systems)
        5.  Kapil Khanna  (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan) (first job: Microsoft)
        6. Pavan Jayaram Joshi (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)
        7. Lalitha Vurakaranam (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)
        8. Solomon Abera Bekele (co-supervisor Prof. M. Balakrishnan)
        9. Seema Sethia (co-supervsior Prof. Shouri Chatterjee, Prof. Amit Gupta)
        10. Soumit Biswas (co-supervisor Prof. Shouri Chatterjee)