COL 865 - Spl Topics in Computer Applications (2022-23 Sem 1)

Course slot: AB (Mon., Thu. 3:30-5:00)

Location: Bharti Room 425


With focus on the use of machine learning and deep learning techniques for understanding of tabular and multi-modal data.

The course will mostly consist of reading, presenting and critically examining important research publications in these areas, and one course project.


  • machine learning and deep learning
  • preferable to have some knowledge of one or more of:
    • relational databases,
    • computer vision and
    • NLP
  • some familiarity with data cleaning techniques would be helpful though not necessary.

Grading Scheme

Activity Weight
Assignment 1 15%
Presentations 20%
Reviews 15%
Project 30%
Major 20%

Course Material

  • Slides (Accessible only within IITD)


  • [4 August 2022] First lecture - intro and motivation to the course.
  • [18 August 2022] Introduction to tree-based methods for tabular data.
Srikanta Bedathur
DS Chair of Artificial Intelligence