COL 873 - Spl Topics in NLP (2020-21 Sem 2)

Instructor: Srikanta Bedathur

Course slot: AA (Mon., Thu. 2:00-3:30)

Location : Online (Microsoft Teams)



This will primarily be a paper reading and student presentation-driven course with very few lectures. The topics that will be covered include (tentative):

  1. Neural Information Retrieval
    • neural retrieval architectures
    • retrieval using pretrained embeddings - BERT, Roberta, etc.
  2. Complex question answering
  3. Multimodal retrieval
  4. Issues of fairness and bias, counterfactual reasoning
  5. Modeling information propagation in social networks, combating fake content

There will be a report-writing assignment, and an open-book exam based on topics covered in the course.


It is strongly recommended to have completed either COL764 or COL772 as a preparation for this course.

Only for Ph.D. and MSR students (intending to) working in this area, an exception can be made - please contact the instructor.

Grading scheme (tentative)

Activity Weight
Midterm Survey 20%
Assignment 20%
Presentation 15%
Reviews 15%
Project 30%
Srikanta Bedathur
DS Chair of Artificial Intelligence