RADical - A Radiosity Renderer

RADical is radiosity based renderer. It creates photo-realistic images using a rendering technique called radiosity.It reads a text `scene' file containing information
about the scene an image of that scene by modelling the interaction of light with various objects in the scene on the basis of an energy (read heat) transportation

If at this point you are wondering what is radiosity, check out KODI's Radiosity page. Also, RADical draws its method from another radiosity engine called
GLUTRAD. So it is also an OpenGL based implementation of radiosity, and uses the same technique as GLUTRAD.

Here is an overview of my radiosity system -

  1. The Command Line Options - To start with ....
    1. The Render Log
    2. The Input Scene File

  2. Global Parameters - These affect everything
    1. Image Resolution (How big an image u want ??)
    2. Update Step
    3. Intensity (hurray !! for brighter colors)
    4. Near/Far Plane
    5. Maximum Sharp Angle
    6. Convergence Limit

  3. The Hemicube Calculations - The cube of all things !!
    1. The Indexed Model
    2. Form Factor Calculations (Trusty GL does nearly everything)

  4. The Radiosity Calculations - The workhorse !!
    1. Progressive Radiosity Algorithm
    2. The OpenGL connection

  5. The Output - At the end of it all ...
    1. Images
    2. The Dump (Real time possibilities now !!)

  6. The good results - Some eye candy
    1. The Cornell Box
    2. The Room
    3. Same room, different hues
    4. A well lit Cellar
    5. Cellar with lights off

  7. References

[ Scene File Format ] [ A To-Do List ]

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