Students List


Current Ph. D. Students

Vikas Upadhyay, Ph.D. (2018- )
Co-supervisor: Rohan Paul (IIT Delhi)
Topic:Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired

Shikha Goel, Ph.D. (2018- )
Co-supervisor: Rijurekha Sen (IIT Delhi)
Topic:FPGA accelerators for computer vision applications

Akashdeep Bansal, Ph.D. (2016- )
Co-supervisor: Volker Sorge (Univ of Brimingham, UK)
Topic:Reading assistant for visually impaired (RAVI)

Anupam Sobti, Ph.D. (2016- )
Co-supervisor: Chetan Arora (IIT Delhi)
Topic:Sensors for mobility assistant for visually impaired (MAVI)

Rajesh Kedia, Ph.D. (2015- )
Co-supervisor: Kolin Paul
Topic:Design space exploration for mobility assistant for visually impaired (MAVI)

Richa Gupta, Ph.D. (2015- )
Co-supervisor: P.V.M. Rao
Co-supervisor: Steven Mannheimer(IUPUI - Indiana University, USA)
Topic: Studies on perception of tactile diagrams by visually impaired

Solomon Abera Akele, Ph.D. (2014- )
Co-supervisor: Anshul Kumar
Topic: Multi-core power estimation and optimization

Piyush Chanana, Ph.D. (2012- )
Co-supervisor: P.V.M. Rao
Topic: Mobility and navigation of Visually Impaired


Current MSR Students

Radhika Dharwadkar (2014SIY7530)
Topic: Modeling of Mobility Assistant for the Visually Impaired (MAVI)