FPT'11 : 12-14 December 2011 at New Delhi, India


Xilinx Workshop

10th December

Essentials of PlanAhead using Xilinx ISE



Workshop on Computer Architecture Education

15th December

The objective of this workshop is to solicit presentations on successful experiences and promising ideas for teaching Computer Architecture and Digital Design.

Computer architecture education today is mostly descriptive and does not provide the excitement and intellectual vigor to the students that come from problem solving and hands-on design experience. Simple pipelined architectures are taught using abstract circuit diagrams depicting gates, registers and memories, while more complex architectures are taught even more informally. Is this primarily due to the non-availability of tools and design techniques that permit quick explorations of design alternatives? Can this situation be changed?

The goal of the workshop is to bring together educators and researchers who have experience in teaching computer architecture and digital design and learn from their experiences. We would like the particicpants to share their experiences in using the tools and techniques they use for teaching. We will have a keynote by Professor Arvind, MIT, on the novel approach to teaching architecture and digital design that he has been experimenting with at MIT and Seoul National University.



Cypress PSoC Workshop

11th December


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