SIV864: Special Module on Media Processing and Communication

Lectures Class Room MS105 (Video Studio in the Main Building - ground floor)
Time: Th 3:00-4:30

About the Course

This is a joint course between IITD and DEI, teaching will be shared between IITD and DEI. The main instructors of the course are

The course will cover topics like
  1. Multimedia representation (Image/Video/Audio/Graphics)
  2. Multimedia compression
  3. Multimedia communication (Protocols TCP/RTP)
  4. Multimedia communication (QoS, Streaming)
  5. Some special topics
Lecture Slides and Video
Slides Video (Download)
Lecture 1 (pdf) (mp4 145 MB)
Lecture 2 (pdf) (mp4 150 MB)
Lecture 3 (pdf) (mp4 180 MB)
Lecture 4 (pdf) (mp4 156 MB)
Lecture 5 (pdf) (mp4 100 MB)
Lecture 6 (pdf) (mp4 170 MB)