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CSL 201: Data Structures
(Sem II, 2009-2010)
Tues, Wed, Fri at 03:00-03:50 PM


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Instructor and TA information

Professor: Amitabha Bagchi
E-mail:bagchi@ c s e.  i i t d . a c . i n
Office:Bharti 419
Teaching Assistants:

Who is my TA?

Rooms are in Block IIA.
Mon 5-6, Tue 5-6 Room No-522
Vaibhav <vjain@cse> Gr-1,2,10
Tue 5-7
Room No - 505
Mon 2-4 (GCL)
Thrus 3-5
Philips VLSI Lab
Amit <mcs082806@cse> Gr-3,4 Thrus 12-2 (GCL)
Saratchanda<mcs092094@cse>Gr-4,5,6 Mon 2-4 (GCL)
Fri 5-7 (GCL)
Mon 3-5 (GCL)
GR 8,9
Tue 5-7 (GCL)

Academic Integrity Code

Academic honesty is required in all your work. You must solve all programming assignments entirely on your own, except where group work is explicitly authorised. This also means you must not take, neither show, give or otherwise allow others to take your program code, problem solutions, or other work. This also means that you may not use any fragment of code obtained online and from book, except when these are explicitly authorised as a part of the course. When authorised, any non-original code that you do use must be clearly identified with due reference to the source. Falsifying program output or results is cheating also.

Please see your professor if there are any questions about what is permissible.

Any attempt at cheating will be heavily penalized.

 Grading & Assignments Policy

Work Percentage
Assignments 25
Minor-II 20

Late policy:You get one day of free late submission only for assignment-1.   For the successive assignmnets, any submission after the due date will not be graded. 

Submission Requirements:Assignment submissions will be electronic (use moodle). You will submit a single file called assignment?.tgz -- which will be your assignment directory tarred and gzipped. You must include a file called README in your directory, listing what you implemented, if it compiles, and which tests work. Other than that the directory should contain all your .java files and a makefile and nothing else. Appropriately name your directories assignment1, assignment2, etc. All input and output files must stay in the same directory. The script to extract files, compile them and run them on a test will be made available. Make sure it works on linux with java 1.6 (you could test it on one of the computer center machines or one of the CSE general computing lab machines). If the script fails to run your code, you will get a 0. If your test results do not match the description in the README file, you will lose upto 50% of your marks you obtain in that assignment. If you do not follow the design given in the assignment, you will lose 25% of your marks.
Any other form of submission (except the moodle) will not be graded.

You can get the assignment-1 by clicking on the link :
Assignment 1 , successive assignmnets will available on moodle page.


Goodrich, M. and Tamassia, R. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java 4ed, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Other books on JAVA:
Java in a nutshell by Flannagan, (O'Reilly)
Introduction to Programming using java by Arnow &ampers; Weiss, (Addison-Wesley)