CSL866 : Machine Learning


  1. Title : Pattern Classification, second edition.
    Authors : Richard O. duda, Peter E. Hart and David G. Stork
    Publishers : Wiley
  2. Title: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.
    Author: Christopher M. Bishop
    Publishers : Springer

    Lecture Timings

    Please use this tool to help us arrive at a consensus on class timings.

    Resources (available only from within IITD)

    Take home examination (October 2)

    Solve as many problems as you can from:
    1. http://mlg.eng.cam.ac.uk/zoubin/ml06/exam05.pdf
    2. http://see.stanford.edu/materials/aimlcs229/problemset1.pdf
    3. http://see.stanford.edu/materials/aimlcs229/problemset2.pdf
    You may leave out the topics not covered in CSL866. You can consult the solution sets available at the above sites only if you have difficulties in solving the problem yourself. Please include a declaration of originality with your submissions.