CSL373/CS333N: Operating Systems

This is the course page for CSL373/CS333N: Operating Systems, for Semester II, 2005-2006, being taught by Subhashis Banerjee at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT, New Delhi.

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General Information

Teaching assistants:

Class timings (Room IIA 501):
  • Tuesday, 1800-1900
  • Wednesday, 1800-1900
  • Friday, 1800-1900

  • Operating system concepts
    by Silberschatz and Galvin
  • Operating Systems design and implementation
    by Tanenbaum
  • The Linux Kernel


  1. Some interesting quotes
  2. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra: 1930-2002
  3. RTOS slides. Powerpoint, HTML (Can be viewed only from Windows, sorry about this).
  4. Evaluations.
  5. Assignment of topics for A5
  6. Submission page for A5. Submitted slides. Evaluations.

Web resources (mirrored locally)

  1. PDF slides of Silberschatz et. al.'s book
  2. The Linux Programmer's Guide
  3. The Linux Kernel
  4. The Linux Kernel Internals (ps.gz), html
  5. Linux Device Drivers
  6. OSkit Manual
  7. Bochs Documentation



  1. Process control and IPC
  2. Process control and IPC (2)
  3. Building your own OS (Part 1): an user level threads package
  4. Building your own OS (Part 2): maping the threads package on to actual harware
  5. A reading assignment. Submitted slides. Evaluations
  6. Open project
(From past:)
  1. Understanding OsKit's memory management
  2. Finally, a project (last, but not the least)

"Find out" assignments

  1. Task #1
  2. Task #2
  3. Task #3

Roll and marks


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