Co-Chair of the First International Conference on AI-ML-Systems (AI-ML-Systems'21)

Website: AIMLSystems’21

I will be co-chairing the conference along with Ioana Manolescu, and Manoj Chinnakota. Broadly, the conference will focus on research themes of AIML in Systems and Systems for AIML. This conference will be under the banner of COMSNETS association. On one hand, it welcomes contributions showing how AI/ML techniques are made possible through computational systems research (e.g., improvements in CPU/GPU architectures, data-intensive infrastructure, etc.) On the other hand, its focus includes how the use of AI/ML can help in the design space exploration of computational systems (e.g., self-tuning databases, learning compiler optimizers, learnable network systems etc.) and, the use of AI/ML in the design of socio-economic systems such as public healthcare, and security.

Srikanta Bedathur
DS Chair of Artificial Intelligence