The Special Interest Group on Software Engineering of CSI




Keynote, Invited, and Panel presentations in ISEC2008

  • Opening presentation by PC Chairs

  • Keynote, Testing Evolving Software Current Practice and Future Promise, Mary Jean Harrold

  • Keynote, Learning from Software, Andreas Zeller

  • ICSE Best Paper session, invited talk, Tracking Code Clones in Evolving Softwares, Martin Robbilard

  • ICSE Best Paper session, invited talk, Bug Cache : Predicting Defects, Sung Kim, Tom Zimmermann, Jim Whitehead, Andreas Zeller

  • FSE Best Paper session, invited talk, Globally Distributed Software Development,Project Performance: An Empirical Analysis, Narayan Ramasubbu

  • FSE Best Paper session, invited talk, Specifications of Mining Specifications of Malicious Behavior, Mihai Christodorescu, Somesh Jha, Christopher Kruegel

  • Panel discussion on "Publishing in top SE conferences". Research and publishing in Software Engineering, Pankaj Jalote, Publication Strategies, Mary Jean Harrold,

  •   Workshop on SaaS and Cloud Computing

  • Santonu Sarkar, Accenture Technology Labs, Bangalore, Invited Talk, Are SaaS and Cloud Computing the Future,

  • Rajiv Chittajallu, Yahoo, Invited Talk, Distributed Data processing in a Cloud