Workshop on Computational Geometry

Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
16-17 December 2000

This workshop is one of two satellite events planned with FST TCS 2000 held in New Delhi between Dec 13-15, 2000. The workshop will be held in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 16th and 17th Dec, 2000 where there will be talks on diverse areas of Computational Geometry including combinatorial geometry, optimization, motion planning and improved algorithms for fundamental problems. There is no separate registration for the workshop and registration for FST TCS 2000 covers the workshop registration. Following is the workshop programme.


Workshop Programme
Date Time Speaker Title
16 Dec 10:00-11:15 Micha Sharir (Tel Aviv University) Combinatorics of Arrangements - Recent Progress
  11:15-12:30 Subir Ghosh (TIFR) Visibility based robot motion planning (slides [.ps])
  12:30-2:30 Lunch  
  2:30-3:45 Kamala Krithivasan (IIT Madras) Algorithms for path planning in the presence of moving obstacles and movable obstacles
  3:45-5:00 Edgar Ramos (MPI) A Randomized Algorithm for Triangulating a Simple Polygon in Linear Time
17 Dec 9:30-10:45 Pankaj Agarwal (Duke University) Efficient algorithms for geometric clustering: An overview (slides [.ps.gz])
  10:45-12:00 Sanjiv Kapoor (IIT Delhi) Shortest Paths in Euclidean spaces
  12:00-1:30 Lunch  
  1:30-2:45 Ken Clarkson (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies) Ocelot: The Lucent Cellular Optimization Tool
  3:15-4:30 Chandrajit Bajaj (Univ of Texas, Austin) Adaptive and Progressive Meshes

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