Preparing for the test on 4th May, 2024 (only for shortlisted part-time/sponsored, HVA, and foreign MTech applicants)

Setting up HackerEarth

1. The online test on the 4th will be conducted on HackerEarth (

2. Here is a practice test for checking compatibility issues: The practice test helps you to get familiar with the HackerEarth platform and its proctoring settings.There is an automatic system-compatibility check in place before the test to check if your system is compatible for the test. It is your responsibility to ensure system compatibility-related issues. We will not be able to help with troubleshooting.

3. To ensure a smooth and fair examination process, please adhere to the following instructions during the test on 4th May:

A practice question paper

1. Here is a question paper that you may use for practicing: Practice Question Paper