Niloy J. Mitra


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Vision and Graphics Group
Dept. of Computer Science and Engg.
Indian Institute of Technology
Bharti Building, Room IIA-424,
Hauz Khas
New Delhi 110 016, India

+91 11 2659 xxxx
+91 11 2658 2283
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Assistant Professor
Outstanding Young Faculty Fellow

Postdoc at GMG, TU Wien
with Helmut Pottmann

PhD with Leonidas J. Guibas
Geometric Computing
Computer Graphics Lab.
Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Research Interest

  • shape analysis: detection and enhancement of symmetry and regularity
  • shape space: characterization and navigation
  • scan registration: static and dynamic
  • partial shape matching and retrieval
  • curved folding


  • CSV859 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CSV840 Computer Vision
  • CSL891 Special Module in Geometric Modeling and Animation
  • 111.064 Industrial Geometry

Academic Background

October 2007
Assistant Professor, Department of CSE
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
September 2006
September 2007
Postdoctoral scholar at TU Vienna
Advisor: Helmut Pottmann
January 2007
January 2007
Visiting scholar at Institute of Scientific Computing, IFW,
ETH Zurich to work with Mark Pauly
January 2002
September 2006
Phd in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Advisor: Leonidas Guibas
June 2006
July 2006
Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship, GSB, Stanford University
December 2005
February 2006
Visiting student at Institute of Scientific Computing, IFW,
ETH Zurich under the guidance of Mark Pauly
June 2004
August 2004
Visiting student at Institute of Scientific Computing, IFW,
ETH Zurich under the guidance of Markus Gross
Fall 2000
Winter 2001
Masters in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Research Associate at IIT Kharagpur
Advisor: Prabir Biswas
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in ECE, IIT Kharagpur
Advisor: Prabir Biswas
Schooling from South Point School, Calcutta.


Hobbies and Interests

Just in case you have time to spare do check out my blog. You can comment anonymously ;-)
Check out what I am reading now: My shelf at GoodReads.
Rock Climbing
Years have gone by, and I have been climbing more often. Now I am more aware of my strengths and limitations. I try to go to IMF Delhi once or twice a week. They have a very small wall, but I think there's enough to keep one busy and entertained.

Previously I climbed at Backerstrasse, in Vienna, Austria. So if you were at Backstrasse in the evening, chances were high you will find me there. A few more days before I head for another part of the world. One of these days I will manage to put up a website with some climbing pictures. Meanwhile heres something. Or check out my YouTube videos.

(Old stuff) My first outdoor climbing trip pictures. A few more pictures from my first visit to Planet Granite, Belmont after my ankle injury. Since then I have been to quite a few trips but haven't got a webpage together with some cool pictures. See you at the Stanford climbing wall. [Short climbing video]

Alpine Club Vienna
Nice group of people to tag along, and explore places around Vienna.
Stanford Alpine Club
A club which does a lot of technical climbing and stuff like that. A great place to meet interesting people.
Something that I am beginning to learn and appreciate. Its a lot of fun and a whole different learning experience though at times it gets pretty frustrating given my limited artistic abilities. I have an old Nikkormat FT3 with 50mm lens. I once compiled a manual for Elan IIe. For photo critiques, equipment reviews, etc check out
Day/Backpacking Trips
Short descriptions of the few day/backpacking trips I have been to. I used to go backpacking a lot and keep the webpage updated but ....
Stanford Outing Club
A good place to get started on light hikes or backpacking trips.
Stanford Cricket Club
We play cricket in a somewhat serious fashion. We also compete in the NCCA league.
Thursday Night Dinner
We used to go out for dinner together every Thursday night but never to the same place twice!!

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