CSL 433/CSL 671 Artificial Intelligence

Course Contents:

 Reference Books

  1.  Artificial Intelligence--A modern approach, S. Russell and P.Norvig, Pearson Education (Second Ed.).
  2. Artificial Intelligence, Elaine Rich and  K Knight, Tata McGraw Hill, reprint 2003
  3.  Principles of Artificial Intelligence, Nils.J.Nilsson
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, D W Patterson, Prentice Hall of India.
  5. Logic and Prolog Programming, Saroj Kaushik, New Age International, 2002


Minor I                                    :20%
Minor II                                   :20%
Quiz tests and Major test          :40%
Assignments:                            :20%

  1. Minor and major tests will be held as per institute schedule. The quiz tests would be surprise tests to be conducted during the lecture hours.
  2. You must submit all the assignments. Assignments must be carried out individually, unless otherwise stated. Collaboration on any assignment is NOT acceptable. Cheating may result in a failing grade regardless of performance.

Quiz Grades
Supporting Material