Name:                                    KANAD  KISHORE  BISWAS


Address:                                 School of Electrical Engg. & Computer Sc.

                                                University of Central Florida,

                                                4000, Central Florida Blvd.,

                                                Orlando, FL 32816.




Telephone:                             (407)823-1061 (office)

                                                (407)737-8996 (home)



Date of birth:                          Dec. 5, 1946








 B.Tech                       Elect. Engg.               1968      IIT Madras  I Div

 M.Tech                       Control System         1970      IIT Delhi        I Div

 Ph. D.                          Signal Estimation      1973      IIT Delhi





Work Experience:


Lecturer                        EE Deptt         Univ of Roorkee                 1972-73

Lecturer                        EE Deptt         IIT Delhi                              1974-77

Astt Prof                       EE Deptt        -do-                                        1977-82

Visiting                         EE Deptt         Univ of Auckland                1982-84

  New Zealand

Astt Prof                     CSE Deptt        IIT Delhi                               1984-86

Assoc. Prof                 CSE  Deptt       IIT Delhi                               1986-1988

Professor                    CSE deptt         IIT Delhi                               1988- 2005

Head of Deptt                        CSE Deptt        IIT Delhi                               1992-1995

UNESCO expert        CS & EE           Univ Nigeria, Lagos            Summer 1995

Visiting  Faculty        Comp. Sc.        Univ. of Central Florida         2003 - 2007




Current Research Interests:


i)  Rendering of High Dynamic Range images

ii) Video Segmentation & Categorization

iii)  Visualization & Compression of Medical Images

iv)  Fuzzy logic based action recognition in video clips       





Funded Research:


Compression of High Dynamic Range Images, Funded by Lockheed Martin (value $15,000, June - December, 2005)

 Obtaining CSG model representation of targets from point clouds, Funded by Lockheed Martin (value $15,000, July  2006 – Jan 2007)

Interpretation and Applications of invariants in computer vision, Funded by DST, (value RS 12, 50,000, May 1998 – 2001)

Virtual Intelligent System, Funded by AICTE, (value, Rs 12, 00,000, Jan 1996 – 1999)

Design and Development of Knowledge Based Systems, Funded by MHRD  (value Rs 15,00,000, 1988 -1991)





Current Teaching Interests:


Computer Science - I

Computer Architecture

Computer Graphics

Data Structures

Artificial Intelligence

Image Processing


Computer Vision

Design and Analysis of Algorithms













Ph. D. Supervision;


1.      Load Forecasting in Power Systems

2.      On the control of linear time invariant discrete time multivariable systems

3.       Some studies in modeling and control of hydrological systems

4.      Some aspects of microprocessor based control systems

5.      DISPROS – a Distributed blackboard architecture

6.      Recognition and surface reconstruction of 3D objects

7.      Cooperative algorithms for stereo and motion analysis

8.      Application of invariants in model based object recognition

9.      Automating knowledge acquisition from natural languages

10.  Low bit rate facial video compression

11.   An evolutionary learning based Fuzzy theoretic approach for characterizing       video sequences     

12.    Integrated Visual Feature-based Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval 




M.Tech thesis supervision:


Over 50 M.Tech theses supervised so far.




 Editorial boards of


 Journal of Networks Computer Applications (Academic Press).

 Pattern Analysis Applications (Springer - Verlag).




Conferences Organized:


Organized the 1st  ICVGIP (Indian Conference on vision, graphics and image processing), Dec 1998 at Delhi. This has now turned into a regular feature with 2nd being held at Bangalore in 2000 and the 3rd being held at Ahmedabad in 2002. An ICVGIP workshop was also held at Madurai in Feb 2002.








Coordinator of Indo-UK joint project in Robot Vision and Control with University of Oxford, UK   during 1987-93


 Indo-US collaborative scheme, INTERROGATIVE   SYNTHETIC ENVIRONMENTS, with Prof C.L. Bajaj, University of Texas at Austin, 2000-2002






Professional Societies:


Chairman of Information Technology & Computer Education, and

Council Member of the Institution of Eln. & Telecom Engineers, India.


Chairman, Syllabus committee, and member Examination Board, DOEACC Society

(Autonomous body of Ministry of Information Technology, Govt of India conducting all India level examinations in the area of Computers)


Member of  Board of studies for following institutions in India:

Motilal Nehru National Instt of Technology, Allahabad,

Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi

Indraprastha  Univeristy , New Delhi

Barkatulla University , Bhopal

ERDCI, New Delhi






















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