I Semester 2016-17

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Component Percentage Tentative Dates
Minor 1 20% 27/8/16
Minor 2 20% 7/10/16
Major 30% 23/11/16
Lab Test 1 15% 17/9/16
Lab Test 2 15% 16/10/16

Website of the instructors:

Dr. S. R Sarangi (Room 111):
Dr. Aaditeshwar Seth (Room 114):

All the class notes, slides, and class activities will be uploaded on the respective instructor's website.


Monday, Thursday: 9:30-10:50 am
Venue:    LH111 (G11-G20)
LH114 (G1-G10)


You can see your lab attendance and performance for August here: Lab Attendance and Performance

The solution for Minor 1 exam can be found here: Minor 1 Solutions

The lab exam 1 questions and solution can be found here: Lab Exam 1

The solution for Minor 2 exam can be found here: Minor 2 Solutions

The solution for Major exam can be found here: Major Solutions

The pre-major total can be found here (PMT = 2/3 * (Minor1 + Minor2) + 0.5 * (Lab1 + Lab2))): Pre-major Total
Average = 34.84, Highest = 67.33
These marks are not final, and are subject to changes.

Any student, who has not collected any of the scripts (Minor 1, Minor 2, Re-evaluation) can do so on Friday, from 6-7 pm, in SIT Seminar room.

The Re-minor and Re-lab test will be held on 25th November (tentative). The timings are:
Re-minor: 2-3 pm
Re-lab test: 3.30-5.30 pm

Please fill feedback for the TAs here: Feedback for TAs

Lab Sessions:

Lab Assignment 1:  Getting Familiar with Linux

Lab Assignment 2:   Introduction to C Programming

Lab Assignment 3:   Basic arithmetic and I/O operations   Solutions

Lab Assignment 4:   Conditionals and Loops   Solutions

Lab Assignment 5:   Conditionals and Loops   

Lab Assignment 6:   Conditionals and Loops    Test Cases    Solutions

Lab Assignment 7:   Arrays and Strings    Test Cases    Solutions

Lab Assignment 8:   Arrays and Strings    Test Cases

Lab Assignment 9:   Functions and Recursion    HackerEarth link    Test Cases    Hangman game skeleton code

Lab Assignment 10:   Functions and Recursion    HackerEarth link    Test Cases   

Lab Assignment 11:   Pointers   

Lab Assignment 12:   Pointers   

Lab Assignment 13:   Pointers and Structures   Records File   Friendship pairs   

Lab TAs:

Venue: LH503

Day 1 - 3 pm 3 - 5 pm
Groups TAs Groups TAs
Monday G13,14 Arpit Aggarwal G7,8 Ajita Shree
Bhavesh Sethi Milan Bhanjibhai Kathrotia
Tuesday G15,16 Ankita Jain G9,10 Rajat Thakur
Aditya Guru Durgesh
Wednesday G17,18 Nitin Agarwal G1,2 Abhishek Goel
Kunal Kishor Moin Ulislam Asmi
Thursday G19,20 Pooja Aggarwal G3,4 Aseem Saxena
Abhishek Pratap Singh Anagh Prasad
Friday G11,12 Ankita Saha G5,6 Mridul Goel
Shruti Goel Jatin Goyal

Reference Books: