I tend to make random tunes in my free time, rather I make free time to do this :~) . If you have time, please do check out this selection below. I recommend using either Windows Media Player[PC] or QuickTime[Mac].
Past Life
About the cycle of life. A visualization is here. Enjoy!
The Sign of Revenge
A completely insane prog song. MP3 version!
Winter Awakening
A feel good song with intriguing melodies.
A soft and catchy tune with disproportionate chords.
A song that may remind you of good old Alt Rock.
Time Stops
My interpretation of Time Travel.
A typical progressive piece based on E major, minor, phrygian dominant.
A play on the words Realize, Real & Lies, it is a modern rock piece with a Minor feel to it.
Composed to blow the listener's mind and make you wonder "What Hit Me?" :~)
As yet incomplete, but an attempt at modern American death metal!
Before the start
Attempt at something that I call grunge rock
I try to let my creativity run WILD thinking about speculative and futuristic ideas in diverse areas. Some of these were submitted as my term papers for various courses reproduced below.

I served as the Music Representative of Aravali Hostel. We organized inter-hostel events and a few college events.

During the same year, I was a Team Head at Blitzkrieg 2009, which is the Rock Concert organized during Rendezvous. Though the name Team Head sounds grand, I was actually the head of a team that just had me, so it was more of an independent role. But I was excited to have played a small role ensuring a successful concert featuring Malefice.

Some interesting stuff from Youtube.