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Credits for this site go (in no particular order) to Alan Turing, Tim Burners-Lee, Google, CSE@IIT Delhi, Leonhard Euler, Mark Otto & Billy Gates (Bootstrap). The (amazing) bootstrap library is found here.

Note to self:

The web is about continuous iteration and hacking, and unless one uses a framework, building from scratch with custom CSS and Javascript is just not feasible or even desirable. However, in order to appreciate the many different building blocks, one needs to get into atleast a few of them, to see how they work, even try to build them. Remember, however fancy the tool looks, it is built from simple Javascript & CSS. Here are some valuable resources to get started.

Reverse Engineer
Places like Quora resource on Web Coding and posts like this are golden. Knowing conventions adopted by each technology helps not only in code consistency but also in understanding code written by others.
A good way to soak in web code is to just keep looking at it! Just right click on any page, select Inspect Element and violà. This is a good way to learn about confusing attributes like padding, margins, etc. There are many other tools like Web Inspector that help. The best part about web development is that you can get your ideas ready and running beautifully in a jiffy.
I love this word because it sounds like a great philosiphical theory (it probably IS) that I can never hope to understand. But related to web designing, it is probably the best way to describe Google & Apple's mantra in one word. Think of only the most important things first and then build iteratively. This is a funny reference.

This site has evolved from my old and older pages.