About Me

I am a 5th year Dual Degree (BTech + MTech) student (mostly) studying CS here at IIT Delhi.

I am completely addicted to tangled and abstract concepts that may or may not mean something.

Non academically speaking, I am a complete musicoholic! [I am not sure if that IS a word or not :=)].
I just simply love music, experimenting with music, making some tunes of my own here and there.
My favourite bands include the eternal favourites Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, 12 Stones, Metallica, Yanni, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Dream Theatre and many many more! And if I find time besides this, which I DONT anymore, I play Lawn Tennis. My favourite player is Roger Federer, but ofcourse! I loved the What's your Rashee & Tangled soundtrack. I also love songs sung by & for the star such as this & this.

Do check out some of my original stuff in the Misc section.