COL106: Data Structures and Algorithms

I semester: 2016-17

Amitabha Bagchi

'"Mathematical ability" sometimes translates into skill in resolving ambiguities from contexts, or skill in interpreting the tacit assumptions of teachers, textbook authors, examination authors.'
G. A. Goldin, Commentary on symbols and mediation in Mathematics education, in Theories of Mathematics Education: Seeking New Frontiers, ed. B. Sriraman, L. English, Springer, 2009.

Class Details

Lecture time: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00 - 11:50 AM
Lecture Room: LH 121.

Lab time: Day as per your cycle, 3-5PM.
Lab room: LH 504 and LH 505.


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List of topics with tentative number of lectures in parentheses

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Upto Minor I
Between Minor I and Minor II
Between Minor II and Major

Supplementary Material

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Java Lab

Below are the links to the "teach yourself Java" module and the supporting code. You are required to solve all the exercises in the module.

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