Aaditeshwar Seth

You can read my research statement here, written towards the end of 2019.

Book - Technology and (Dis)Empowerment: A Call to Technologists

My book, Technology and (Dis)Empowerment: A Call to Technologists [summary], published in 2022 by Emerald Publishing, reflects much of my learning gained over the last decade and a half on the relationship between technology, the political economy of technology, and social development. The preface and introduction are available here. Please feel free to ask me for my local electronic version.

I have written a few short articles of 1500-2000 words about different aspects covered in the book.

A Governance Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure: Learning from the Indian Experience - A. Seth, L. Vitagliano, N. Udapa, P.J. Singh, R. Swamy, S. Singh, and V. Venugopal. Jul 2023. T20 Policy Brief. Task Force 2: Our Common Digital Future: Affordable, Accessible and Inclusive Digital Public Infrastructure.

A Call to Technologists - A. Seth. Oct 2022. Published on ICTWorks.

Technology and (Dis)Empowerment: A Call to Technologists - A Summary - A. Seth. Oct 2022. Published on the Radical Ecological Democracy forum.

The Missing Clarity Between Ends and Means in the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct - A. Seth. Oct 2022.

Seventeen Questions for Technologists to Build a Better World - A. Seth. Oct 2022.

Mobile Vaani: A Voice-based Community Media Network for Social Development - A. Seth. Oct 2022.

Missing Publics in Digital Public Goods: The Need to Build Technologies for Communities - A. Seth. Oct 2022.

Understanding and tracking socio-economic development

Tracking Socio-economic Development in Rural India Using Satellite Imagery - A. Gulgulia, A. Gupta, A.P. Sarashetti, A. Sinha, and A. Seth.
ACM JCSS, 2023.

AI-based Market Intelligence Systems for Farmer Collectives: A Case-study from India - R. Ladhar, S. Sharma, S. Tangirala, N. Gupta, A. Azeem, A. Jain, B.K. Katakam, A. Bommakanti, C. Sankariah, H.P. Paridi, K. Yadav, K. Vittalrao, M. Rahman, R. Chutani, R. Shah, R. Katepallewar, D. Chakraborty, and A. Seth.
ACM JCSS, 2023.

A Characterization of Land-use Changes in the Proximity of Mining Sites in India - S.A. Mehta, Ashish, M. Solanki, and A. Seth.
ACM JCSS, 2023.

Role of the Mass Media in Monitoring and Influencing the Performance of Social Welfare Schemes in India - A. Mittal, S. Dahake, T. Patel, U. Deep, D. Prajapati, A. Gupta, V. Singh, A. Jain, and A. Seth.

Exploring the Scope of Using News Articles to Understand Development Patterns of Districts in India - M. Gupta, S. Saifi, K. Verma, K. Rekha, and A. Seth.
KDD Workshop on Data Science for Social Good, 2021.

IndiaSat: A Pixel-Level Dataset for Land-Cover Classification on Three Satellite Systems - Landsat-7, Landsat-8, and Sentinel-2 - C. Bansal, H.O. Yadav, M. Jain, O. Prakash, S.A. Mehta, D. Singh, H. Baheti, S. Singh, and A. Seth.

Characterizing the Evolution of Indian Cities using Satellite Imagery and Open Street Maps - C. Bansal, A. Singla, A.K. Singh, H.O. Ahlawat, M. Jain, P. Singh, P. Kumar, R. Saha, S. Taparia, and A. Seth.
Best paper honourable mention, ACM COMPASS, 2020. Supplementary material.

Temporal Prediction of Socio-economic Indicators Using Satellite Imagery - C. Bansal, A. Jain, P. Barwaria, A. Choudhary, A. Singh, A. Gupta, and A. Seth.
CoDS-COMAD, 2020.

Towards Building a District Development Model for India Using Census Data - D. Goswami, S.B. Tripathi, S. Jain, S. Pathak, and A. Seth.
ACM COMPASS, 2019. Supplementary material.

Price Forecasting & Anomaly Detection for Agricultural Commodities in India - L. Madaan, A. Sharma, P. Khandelwal, S. Goel, P. Singla, and A. Seth.
ACM COMPASS, 2019. Supplementary material

Monitoring the political economy of policy making

Political Connections of Firms During A Crisis - Y. Chen, G. Chiplunkar, S. Sekhri, A. Sen, and A. Seth.
Darden Business School Working Paper No. 4058355, 2022. Short article on Ideas for India.

Analysis of Media Bias in Policy Discourse in India - A. Sen, D. Ghatak, S. Dhakate, K. Rekha, M. Gupta, G.S. Khanuja, K. Sharma, and A. Seth.

Ideology Detection in the Indian Mass Media - A. Sharma, N. Kaur, A. Sen, and A. Seth.
ASONAM, 2020.

What Drives Location Preference for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Investments in India? - V. Pareek, R. Sharma, A. Sen, and A. Seth.
ACM COMPASS, 2020. Full paper.

Studying the Discourse on Economic Policies in India Using Mass Media, Social Media, and the Parliamentary Question Hour Data - A. Sen, D. Ghatak, K. Kumar, G. Khanuja, D. Bansal, M. Gupta, K. Rekha, S. Bhogale, P. Trivedi, and A. Seth.

An Attempt at Using Mass Media Data to Analyze the Political Economy Around Some Key ICTD Policies in India - A. Sen, Priya, P. Aggarwal, S. Verma, D. Ghatak, P. Kumari, M. Singh, A. Guru, and A. Seth.
ICTD, 2019. Supplementary material.

Leveraging Web Data to Monitor Changes in Corporate-Government Interlocks in India - A. Sen, A. Agarwal, A. Guru, A. Choudhuri, G. Singh, I. Mohammed, J. Goyal, K. Mittal, M. Singh, M. Goel, S. Gupta, S. Pathak, V. Madapur, and A. Seth.

Empirical Analysis of the Presence of Power Elite in Media - A. Sen, Priya, P. Aggarwal, A. Guru, D. Bansal, I. Mohammed, J. Goyal, K. Kumar, K. Mittal, M. Singh, M. Goel, S. Gupta, V. Madapur, V. Khatana, and A. Seth.

Technology and ethics

The Limits of Design in Ensuring Responsible Outcomes from Technology - A. Seth.
ICTD, 2020.

A Call to Technologists - A. Seth.
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, 2020. [JICES link]

The Elusive Model of Technology, Media, Social Development, and Financial Sustainability - A. Seth.
Book chapter, Socio-Tech Innovation: Harnessing Technology for Social Good, Editors: Latha Poonamallee, Joanne Scillitoe, and Simy Joy, 2020.

A New Paradigm to Accommodate Ethical Foundations in the Design and Management of Digital Platforms - A. Seth.
Working paper, 2019.

Ensuring Responsible Outcomes from Technology - A. Seth.
Invited talk and paper. COMSNETS 2019. Presentation slides

COVID-19 related writings and reports by Gram Vaani: Full archive here.

Communication Infrastructure and Community Mobilization: The Case of Gram Vaani's COVID-19 Response Network for the Marginalized in India - H. Wang, A. Seth, M. Johri, E. Kalra, and A. Singhal.
Journal of Development Communication, Dec 2021.

Systemic Gaps in India’s Social Protection Delivery Architecture - V. Viswanathan and A. Seth.
The India Forum, Aug 2021. Local pdf.

Delivery of Social Protection Entitlements in India: Unpacking Exclusion, Grievance Redress, and the Relevance of Citizen-Assistance Mechanisms - A. Gupta, A. Narayanan, A. Bhutani, A. Seth, M. Johri, N. Kumar, S. Ahmad, M. Rahman, L. Enoch, D. Kumar, A. Sharma, A. Kumar, L.R. Pappu, and D. Pant.
Azim Premji University COVID-19 Research Funding Programme, March 2021

The Post-lockdown State of Labour - A. Seth.
Gram Vaani Community Media, September 2020 [shorter version published in India Development Review]

NREGA as Social Protection and Beyond: A Shot at Dignity of Workers, - V. Visvanathan, S. Ahmad, and A. Seth.
Gram Vaani Community Media, September 2020 [shorter version published in India Development Review]

The first 100 Days: How Has COVID-19 Affected Poor and Vulnerable Groups in India? - M. Johri, S. Agarwal, A. Khullar, D. Chandra, V.S. Pratap, and A. Seth.
Health Promotion International, August 2020 (published May 2021). [policy brief]

#NotStatusQuo: A Campaign to Fix the Broken Social Protection System in India - A. Seth, S. Ahmad, and O. Ruthven.
Gram Vaani Community Media, August 2020.

Our Welfare System is Broken - A. Seth and V. Viswanathan.
India Development Review, June 2020.

Technologies that Disempower: Design Flaws in Technologies Used for the Delivery of Social Protection Measures in India - A. Seth.
ACM Interactions, Nov 2020 [shorter version published in Civil Society]

The Empathy to Learn and Fix - A. Seth.
The India Forum, May 2020. Local pdf.

What COVID-19 Means to Us: Voices from the Indian Hinterlands - V. Viswanathan, Gram Vaani team, and A. Seth.
The India Forum, April 2020 [Local pdf]

Socio-technical interactions

Key Learnings from an Outcome and Embedded Process Evaluation of a Direct to Beneficiary Mobile Health Intervention Among Marginalised Women in Rural Bihar, India - L. Irani, S. Verma, R. Mathur, R.K. Verma, D. Mohan, D. Dhar, A. Seth, I. Chaudhuri, M.R. Chaudhury, A. Purthy, A. Nanda, S. Singh, A. Gupta, A.E. LeFevre.
BMJ Open, 2022. 12:e052336.

The Power of Narrative Persuation: How an Entertainment-Education Serial Drama Tackled Open Defecation and Promoted Contraceptive Use in India - H. Wang, A. Singhal, P. Muttreja, A. Vajpeyi, R. Laddha, S. Singh, P.D. Mazumdar, A. Srivastava, V. Rao, S. Saini, D. Rautela, and A. Seth.
Journal of Development Communication, Volume 31(2), 2020.

Reflections from Practical Experiences of Managing Participatory Media Platforms for Development - A. Seth, A. Gupta, A. Moitra, D. Kumar, D. Chakraborty, L. Enoch, O. Ruthven, P. Panjal, R.A. Siddiqi, R. Singh, S. Chatterjee, S. Saini, S. Ahmad, and V. Sai Pratap.
ICTD, 2020.

Development of an mHealth Behavior Change Communication Strategy: A Case-study from Rural Uttar Pradesh in India - M. Cielo Pérez Osorio, R. Singh, D. Pant, V. Ridde, A. Seth, and M. Johri.
ACM COMPASS, 2020. Related journal paper by co-authors.

Implementation Fidelity and Acceptability of an Intervention to Improve Vaccination Uptake and Child Health in Rural India: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial - M.C. Pérez, D. Chandra, G. Koné, R. Singh, V. Ridde, M. Sylvestre, A. Seth, and M. Johri.
Implement Science Communications, 2020.

An Analysis of Impact Pathways Arising from a Mobile-based Community Media Platform in Rural India - A. Moitra, A. Kumar, and A. Seth.
Manuscript, 2020.

Development of Learning and a Shared Understanding in Participatory Media Environments - A. Seth.
Manuscript, 2020.

Experiences from a Mobile-based Behaviour Change Campaign on Maternal and Child Nutrition in Rural India - D. Chakraborty, A. Gupta, Gram Vaani Team, and A. Seth.
ICTD 2019. Supplementary material

An Analysis of Community Mobilization Strategies of a Voice-based Community Media Platform in Rural India - A. Moitra, A. Kumar, and A. Seth.
ITID 2018

Findings from a Civil Society Mediated and Technology Assisted Grievance Redressal Model in Rural India - D. Chakraborty, S. Ahmad, and A. Seth.
ICTD, 2017

Design Lessons from Creating a Mobile-based Community Media Platform in Rural India - A. Moitra, V. Das, A. Kumar, Gram Vaani, and A. Seth.
ICTD 2016

Building Citizen Engagement into the Implementation of Welfare Schemes in Rural India - D. Chakraborty and A. Seth.
ICTD, 2015

Airavat: an automated system to increase transparency and accountability in social welfare schemes in India - V. Srinivasan, V. Vardhan, S. Kar, S. Asthana, R. Narayanan, P. Singh, D. Chakraborty, A. Singh, and A. Seth.
ICTD, 2013 (poster)

Application of Mobile Phones and Social Media to Improve Grievance Redressal in Public Services - A. Seth, A. Katyal, R. Bhatia (IIT Delhi), D. Kapoor, Balachandran C, V. Venkat, A. Moitra, S. Chatterjee, M. Shivam, Z. Koradia (Gram Vaani), and P. Naidu (Action India).
M4D Web Foundation workshop 2012 [talk]

Theories of information evolution on social media

Fairness and Diversity in the Recommendation and Ranking of Participatory Media Content - Muskaan, M.P. Dhaliwal, and A. Seth.
KDD workshop on Intelligent Information Feeds, 2019 and ASONAM, 2021. Supplementary material

A personalized credibility model for recommending messages in social participatory media environments - A. Seth, J, Zhang, and R. Cohen.
World Wide Web, 2015

Bayesian Credibility Modeling for Personalized Recommendation in Participatory Media - A. Seth, J, Zhang, and R. Cohen.
UMAP, 2010

A Subjective Credibility Model for Participatory Media - A. Seth, J. Zhang, and R. Cohen
AAAI Workshop on Recommender Systems, 2008

A Social Network Based Approach to Personalized Recommendation of Participatory Media Content - A. Seth and J. Zhang.
ICWSM, 2008

Understanding Participatory Media Using Social Networks - A. Seth
CS-2007-47, Technical Report, University of Waterloo, 2007

Use of AI and voice-based technologies for rural communication

Robust OCR Pipeline for Automated Digitization of Mother and Child Protection Cards in India - D. Pant, D. Talukder, A. Seth, D. Pant, R. Singh, B. Dua, R. Pandey, S. Maruthi, M. Johri, and C. Arora.
ACM JCSS, 2023.

Gram Vaani ASR Challenge on Spontaneous Telephone Speech Recordings in Regional Variations of Hindi - A. Bhanushali, G. Bridgman, Deekshitha G., P. Ghosh, P. Kumar, S. Kumar, A.R. Kolladath, N. Ravi, A. Seth, A. Seth, A. Singh, Vrunda N. Sukhadia, Umesh S., S. Udupa, Lodagala V.S., V. Durga Prasad.
Interspeech, 2022.

Use of Metric Learning for the Recognition of Handwritten Digits, and its Application to Increase the Outreach of Voice-based Communication Platforms - D. Pant, D. Talukder, D. Kumar, P. Pandey, A. Seth, and C. Arora.

Costs and Benefits of Conducting Voice-based Surveys Versus Keypress-based Surveys on Interactive Voice Response Systems - A. Khullar, P. Hitesh, S. Rahman, D. Kumar, R. Pandey, P. Kumar, R. Tripathi, Prince, A.A. Jha, Himanshu, and A. Seth.

Experiences with the Introduction of AI-based Tools for Moderation Automation of Voice-based Participatory Media Forums - A. Khullar, P. Panjal, R. Pandey, A. Burnwal, P. Raj, A.A. Jha, P. Hitesh, R.J. Reddy, Himanshu, and A. Seth.
India HCI, 2021.

Early Results from Automating Voice-based Question-Answering Services Among Low-income Populations in India - A. Khullar, M. Santosh, P. Kumar, S. Rahman, R. Tripathi, D. Kumar, S. Saini, R. Pandey, and A. Seth.

Initial Lessons from Building an IVR-based Automated Question-Answering System - P. Bhagat, S. Prajapati, and A. Seth.
ICTD, 2020.

Usability, Tested? - N. Kumar, N. Karusala, B. Patra, and A. Seth.
ACM Interactions 2017

Gurgaon idol: a singing competition over community radio and IVRS - Z. Koradia, P. Aggarwal, G. Luthra, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV (3), 2013

A participatory video and audio platform for community interaction using DVDs and IVR systems - D. Chakraborty and A. Seth.
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

A case study on the use of IVR systems by visually impaired people - P. Aggarwal, G. Luthra, Z. Koradia, A. Seth, P. Gadodia, G. Abraham, and N. Jain
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

Experiences of Deploying and Commercializing a Community Radio Automation System in India - Z. Koradia, Balachandran C, K. Dadheech, M. Shivam, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV, 2012

Phonepeti: Exploring the Role of an Answering Machine System in a Community Radio Station in India - Z. Koradia and A. Seth.
ICTD 2012 (poster)

Social Media Tools for the Bottom of the Pyramid - A. Seth, Z. Koradia, I. Ahuja, A. Mahla, D. Martin, A. Premi, and Balachandran C.
Invited paper. CEWIT Korea, 2010

Using ICTs to Meet the Operational Needs of Community Radio Stations in India - Z. Koradia, A. Premi, B. Chandrasekharan, and A. Seth
ACM DEV, 2010

Making a Case for Spoken Web as the Mobile Web for Developing Countries - S. Agarwal, A. Jain, A. Kumar, P. Manwani, A. Nanavati, N. Rajput, and A. Seth
Mobile Web for Development (MW4D), 2009

Internet measurements for QoS of cellular data services

Response to TRAI consultation paper on Data Speed Under Wireless Broadband Connections - A. Seth.
Submitted, June 2017

Mobile Internet Services in India: Quality of Service - Joint report with CUTS and IIT Delhi, foreword by Prof Krithi Ramamritham (IIT Bombay).
Presented to TRAI, June 2016

Revisiting the State of Cellular Data Connectivity in India - A. Sharma, M. Kaur, Z. Koradia, R. Nishant, S. Pandit, A. Raman, and A. Seth.
Invited paper. ACM DEV 2015

First impressions on the state of cellular data connectivity in India - Z. Koradia, G. Mannava, A. Raman, G. Aggarwal, V. Ribeiro, A. Seth, S. Ardon, A. Mahanti, and S. Triukose.
ACM DEV (4), 2013

2G/3G network measurements in rural areas of India - A. Chandele, Z. Koradia, V. Ribeiro, A. Seth, S. Triukose, S. Ardon, and A. Mahanti.
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

Opportunistic low-cost communication

A Comprehensive Data Management Framework for Opportunistic Communication on Mobile Phones - S. Doraswamy, A. Subramaniam, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

Motivation and Design of a Content Distribution Architecture for Rural Areas - A. Mahla, D. Martin, I. Ahuja, Q. Niyaz, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV, 2012 [talk]

Design and Implementation of the KioskNet System - S. Guo, M. Derakhshani, M.H. Falaki, U. Ismail, R. Luk, E.A. Oliver, S. Ur Rahman, A. Seth, M.A. Zaharia, and S. Keshav.
Computer Networks, 2011

Design and Implementation of the KioskNet System - S. Guo, M.H. Falaki, E.A. Oliver, S. Ur Rahman, A. Seth, M.A. Zaharia, U. Ismail, and S. Keshav.
ICTD, 2007 (poster)

Policy Oriented Architecture for Opportunistic Communication on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks - A. Seth, M. Zaharia, S. Bhattacharya, S. Keshav
Manuscript, University of Waterloo, 2006

Opportunistic Scheduling in Ferry-Based Networks - S. Guo, M. Ghaderi, A. Seth, S.Keshav.
QShine Workshop on Networking in Public Transport (WNEPT), 2006

Low-cost Communication for Rural Internet Kiosks Using Mechanical Backhauls - A. Seth, D. Kroeker, M. Zaharia, S. Guo, S. Keshav.

Practical Security for Disconnected Nodes - A. Seth, S. Keshav.
ICNP Workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPSec), 2005. A newer version is available too, co-authored with U. Hengartner.

An Architecture for Tetherless Communication - A. Seth, P. Darragh, S. Liang, Y. Lin, S. Keshav
Discussed in Disruption Tolerant Networking, Dagstuhl, 2005

Mobility Decisions in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks - A. Seth, N. Ahmed, S. Keshav
Manuscript, University of Waterloo, Fall 2004

Measurement studies on social media

The Rich and Middle Classes on Twitter: Are Popular Users Indeed Different from Regular Users - A. Ruhela, A. Bagchi, A. Mahanti, and A. Seth.
Computer Communications 2015

Spatio-temporal and Events Based Analysis of Topic Popularity in Twitter - S. Ardon, A. Bagchi, A. Mahanti, A. Ruhela, A. Seth, R. Tripathy, and S. Triukose.
CIKM, 2013

The Scope for Online Social Network Aided Caching in Web CDNs - A. Ruhela, S. Triukose, S. Ardon, A. Bagchi, A. Mahanti, and A. Seth.
ANCS, 2013

Towards the Use of Online Social Networks for Efficient Internet Content Distribution - A. Ruhela, R. Tripathi, S. Triukose, S. Ardon, A. Bagchi, and A. Seth.

Characterization of Social Media Response to Natural Disasters - S. Nagar, A. Joshi, and A. Seth.
INSNA Sunbelt Social Networks Conference, 2012


A Framework for Pre-processing of Social Media Feeds Based on an Integrated Knowledge Base - T. Kolajo, O. Daramola, A. Adebiyi, and A. Seth
Information Processing and Management, 2020.

Jury: An Automation Framework for Protocolised Primary Healthcare Delivery - D. J. Mathew, A. Samarth, Z. Johar, and A. Seth
ACM DEV (4), 2013

Geolocating IP Addresses in Cellular Data Networks - S. Triukose, S. Ardon, A. Mahanti, and A. Seth:
PAM, 2012

Design of a Molecular Communication Framework for Nanomachines - A. Dubey, S. Tandon, and A. Seth
COMSNETS 2012 (poster)

Achieving Privacy and Security in Radio Frequency Identification - A. Seth, M. Beg.
Privacy, Security, Trust, 2006