B. Tech. Program

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and preparing its students for real world challenges. We attract the brightest students from the country who score very high ranks in the IIT-JEE, arguably the toughest entrance exam for any academic institution. Our alumni have done extremely well and the list of their achievements is too big to list here, which include managing top companies, designing revolutionary products, and contributing to fundamental research.

Some reasons why you should consider joining us :

Strong Undergraduate Program

· The undergraduate curriculum provides a strong foundation in all areas of computer science.

· The recently revised curriculum has reduced course load and greater emphasis on design and project work. It emphasizes the need for independent thinking and encourages students to get involved in interesting and novel projects. Further, a significant increase in the open category credits enables students to have a broad base and pursue interests and develop expertise in other areas like Mathematics, Communications, Signal Processing, Bio-informatics, Robotics, Management etc. in addition to core Computer Science.

· In addition to the course projects, a typical undergraduate student does four projects during his/her stay.

· The department has state of the art facilities for carrying out projects in computer graphics, vision, networks, distributed systems, hardware design and artificial intelligence.

· Students are encouraged to come up with ideas on their own and the department provides all the facilities required to materialize those ideas into actual projects. Many of our student projects have won awards in various competitions. Check out some recent student projects . Our students also publish regularly in reputed journals and conferences ( link ).

· The undergraduate curriculum gives the students sufficient freedom to choose courses with emphasis on a particular area of computer science. The department has expertise in all the core areas of computer science and its faculty are well-known for their research activities.

Our students are highly sought after by industry and end up with lucrative jobs. Those who choose graduate studies get admission in the top ranked universities in the world. Many of our students have chosen to join or even create their own start-up companies ( Kritikal Solutions ).

Faculty Student Interaction

· The department has a strong faculty , all Ph. D.'s from leading universities and active in research. The department also attracts a regular stream of visiting faculty members. Our faculty are diligently involved in training students and preparing them for the future ahead.

· The students interact freely with faculty on all matters related to studies. The curriculum gives them ample opportunity to work in close cooperation with any faculty member. Students are free to approach faculty for short term (a summer or a semester) project or long term projects.

The class sizes for core department courses are kept reasonably small and there are interaction sessions where problems of each student get addressed.

Cultural Activities

· Students are actively involved in organizing various cultural activities ( Tryst, Rendezvous ).

· The IIT campus provides a green and pollution free environment. It provides facilities for various sports activities and hobbies .

IIT is located in the heart of the vibrant and lively city of Delhi. It is conveniently located and well connected to all the attractions of the city including historical monuments, theatres, markets, parks. Many popular tourist locations like Shimla, Agra, Jaipur, Nainital are only a few hour drive from here.

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