PhD Alumni

Ph.D. Graduates from CSE & SIT, IITD

Name Thesis Title Year Currently at
Neetu Jindal Reusing Design-For-Debug Hardware To Enhance Performance 2019 Intel India at Bangalore
Neha Sengupta Algorithms For Massive And Dynamic Graph Data Management 2019 Research Associate at Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Abu Dhabi UAE
Suvam Patra Robust Scene Geometry Recovery From Ego-Cameras For Visual Navigation 2019 Research Engineer at Scape Technologies
Ankit Anand Symmetry Aware Inference And Decision Making In Probabilistic Models 2019 Research Scientist at Google DeepMind Montreal
Jatin Batra Dynamic Programming For Scheduling Problems 2019 Post Doc at CWI, Amsterdam
Prathmesh Shashikant Architectural Support For Enhanced Performance Of Os Intensive Applications 2018 CPU Research Scientist in the Microarchitecture Research Lab at Intel Labs, India
Manjeet Dahiya Black-Box Equivalence Checking Across Compiler Transformations 2018 Sr. Data Scientist at Delhivery
Anup Kumar Bhattacharya Sampling-Based Algorithms For Clustering Problems 2018 Postdoctoral researcher at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Brojeshwar Bhowmick A Pipe-Line For Large Scale Structure-From-Motion 2018 TCS Research
C. Sandeep Flexdfd: Flexible DFD Hardware For Efficient Post-Silicon Validation 2017 Assistant Professor, IIT Palakkad
Rahul Jain Machine Learned Machines: Reinforcement Learning Exploration For Architecture Co-Optimization 2017 Principal Research Engineer at rENIAC
Sonia Khetarpaul Analyzing Moving Objects Data In Spatio-Temporal Space And Social Networks 2017 Assistant Professor, Shiv Nadar University
Parul Shukla Human Action Recognition From Depth Maps And Skeleton 2017
Rajshekar K. Employing Redundancy Based Techniques To Provide Reliability, Security And Accountability In Modern Processors 2017 Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad, Karnataka
Chinmay Narayan Model Specific Verification Of Safety Properties In Concurrent Programs 2017
Mona Gupta (Jain) Analytics On Behavior Of Users On Large Data Sets 2017
Eldhose Peter Power Efficient On-Chip Optical Interconnects 2017 Senior Architect at NVIDIA GeForce India
Shibhashis Guha Bisimulations And Prebisimulations For Timed Automata 2016 postdoc at the Verification Group in Université libre de Bruxelles
Nisha Jain Realistic Simulation And Rendering Of Corroded Objects 2016 Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Swati Sharma Empirical Validation Of Stochastic Approaches To Device And Network State Identification 2016 Post-doc, University of Grenoble Alpes, France
Yamuna Prasad Feature Selection in High Dimensions with application in Bio-Informatics 2016
Tarun Beri Unicorn: A bulk synchronous programming model, framework and runtime for hybrid CPU-GPU clusters Adobe Systems, Noida (Sr. Computer Scientist II)
Syamantak Das Scheduling with Outliers to Minimize Load and Flow-time 2016
Shivendra Prasad Erection of interesting geo-spatial regions in the context of on-the-spot learning 2016
Richa Sharma A semi Automated approach to support Logical Formalism for Requirement Analysis and Validation 2016
Rajesh Kumar Pal Dynamically Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture 2016 Indian Air Force
Rajeshwari D Novel Architectures and Synthesis Methods for Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata 2016 Research Fellow at NTU, Singapore
Pooja Aggarwal Theory and Applications of Non-blocking Slot Schedulers 2016 IBM Research, Bangalore
Arun Parakh Performance Estimation and Mapping of Applications onto GPUs 2016
Anamitra Roy Choudhary Packing and Covering with Intervals 2016 IBM Research India
Amit Ruhela Analysis of the Spread of Information on Twitter and its Application to Internet Content Distribution 2016 C-DOT Delhi
Vaibhav Jain A UML Based Framework for Transaction Level Modeling 2015
Prasenjit Chakraborty Memory Hierarchy Partitioning and Data Mapping Techniques for Scratch Pad Based Architectures 2015 SoC Architect Xeon-D, Intel India, Bangalore
Namita Sharma Energy Optimizations for Scratch Pad Memory Based SIMD Architectures 2015
Mansureh Shahraki Moghaddam Application Mapping onto Reconfigurable Coarse-Grained Arrays 2015
Manoj D gupta Matching in Dynamic Graphs 2015 Assistant Professor, IIT Gandhinagar
Ankur Narang Affinity Driven multi-objective distributed scheduling framework for parallel computation 2014 AVP-Data Science, Chief Data Scientist, Mobileum, Gurgaon
L. Rajya Lakshmi Handover Management Techniques for WiMax Based Wireless Mesh Networks 2014
Gummidipudi Krishnaiah Accelerating Emulating for Rapid Design Space Exploration of On-CHIP Networks 2013 Intel India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Sankaran Anand Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling 2013
Arindam Pal Approximation Algorithms for Covering and Packing Problems on Paths 2013 Research Scientist at TCS Innovation Labs
Chetan Arora Primal Dual Algorithms for MAP Inference in MRF Labelling Problems 2013 Postdoc Researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Apurva Kumar Modelling and Analyzing Web Protocols for Trust and Secrecy 2013 IBM India Research Lab, New Delhi
Rudra Mohan Tripathy Competitive Diffusion in Social Networks 2012 SILICON Institute of Technology, Bhubneshwar
Tanveer Afzal Faruquie Automated Analysis of Surveillance Videos using Latent Topic Models 2011 IBM TJ Watson, New York
B.V.N.Silpa Power Optimizations for Graphics Processors 2011 NVIDIA
Ayesha Choudhary Automated Analysis of Surveillance Videos 2010 Assistant Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University
Neeraj Goel Scalable Low Energy Register File Architectures for VLIW Processors 2010 Senior R & D Engineer, Synopsys
Smruti Padhy Performance Analysis of Dynamic Scheduling in Communication Networks 2010 Research Staff, UIUC, ILLINOIS
Anant Vishnoi Efficient Cache State Dumping for "Post-Silicon Processor Validation 2010 Cadence Design System
Muralidhara V N Scheduling to minimize Flow-Time and other Online Problems 2009 IIIT Bangalore
Aryabartta Sahu Evaluation and Mapping of Application on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems 2009 IIT Guwahati
Vikram Goyal Auditing SQL Queries for Privacy Violation Detection 2008 IIIT Delhi
Nagaraju Pothineni An efficient methodology for building custom processors based on instruction set extension 2007 TATA Research Development & Design Centre, Pune
Vaishali Yehswant Paithankar Tracking a mobile target using Energy Constrained Wireless Sensor Network 2009 IIT Guwahati
Uma Mudenagudi Markov Random Field Models for Super Resolution in space and time 2007 Professor at B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engg. & Tech., Hubli
Jamshid Bagherzadeh Mohasefi Semantics and Verification of Multi-Agent Systems 2006 Urmia University, Iran
Subhajit Sanyal Interactive Image Based Modelling and Walk-Through Planning 2006 American Express (Big data analytics group)
Parag Chaudhuri A Framework for View-Dependent Character Animation 2006 Asst. Prof. CSE IITB
Yogish Sabharwal Approximation Algorithms for Proximity and Clustering Problems 2006 Research Scientist at IBM Research Lab
Himanshu Tagra Generic Architecture for Agents in E-Commerce (Auction) 2008 General Manager at HCL Technologies
Jajit Bhattacharyya Privacy Middleware for Preserving Privacy in Databases 2006 Partner, Infrastructure and Government Services at KPMG India
Ajay Agarwal QoS-Aware Fault-Tolerant Routing in MANETs based on Segment-Backup Paths 2006 Head of Deptt. of Computer Applications (MCA) at Krishna Institute of Engg. & Technology
Vinayaka Pandit Local Search Heuristics  for Facility Location Problems 2005 IBM IRL, Delhi
Anup Ganagwar A Methodology for Exploring Communication Architectures of Clustered VLIW Processors 2005 AMD, Bangalore
Basant Kumar Dwivedi Synthesizing Multiprocessor Architectures for Process Networks 2005 Calypto Design System, Noida
Ash Mohammad Abbas Disjoint Multipath Routing for Mobile Ad-hoc networks 2005 Associate Professor, AMU, Aligarh
Rohit Khandekar Lagrangian Relaxation based Algorithms for Convex Programming Problems 2004 Postdoc - UC Berkeley, Univ. Waterloo; Researcher IBM T J Watson
Surender Baswana Efficient Randomized Algorithms for Path Problems in Graphs 2004 Associate Professor, CSE, IIT Kanpur
B. G. Prasad Integrated Visual Feature-Based Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval 2003 BNMIT, Bangalore
Sushil Chandra Jain A new approach for evaluation of Routing Architectures of Multi-FPGA Boards 2003 Engg. College, Kota , Rajasthan
Manoj Kumar Jain Exploring Register File and Memory Organization in ASIP Synthesis 2003 Associate Professor, ML Sukhadia University, Udaipur
Shoma Chatterjee Vision Based Motion Image Compression 2002 Sasken Labs, Bangalore
Rakesh Singh Jadon An Evolutionary Learning based Fuzzy Theoretic Approach for Characterizing Video Sequences 2002 MITS, Gwalior
Sumantra Dutta Roy Active Object Recognition through Next View Planning 2000 IIT Delhi (Associate Professor)
Rahul Garg Traffic Management in Integrated Services Networks: Scheduling and Resource Partitioning 1999 IBM IRL, Delhi
Rekha Singhal Transparent Replication for Efficient Distributed Transactions 1998 Researcher, TCS, Innovation Lab
Ram Prasad Rustagi Concurrency Control 1998 Pronto Networks (VP, Technology)
Navin Rajpal Development of Object Recognition Systems using Invariant Feature based Indexing 1998 Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi (Professor)
Neelima Gupta Output Sensitive Algorithms 1998 Delhi University (Reader)
Manica Aggarwal Approximation Algorithms for the Network Design Problem 1997 Consultant, Delhi Transportation System
Mohammed Fadle Abdulla An Integrated Solution for Built-in Self Test 1997 Department. of CSE, EDEN University
M. Sominic Angelo Paulraj On-line Scheduling of Hard-time Tasks on Multiprocessors 1997 Coo & VP Engg. at Arada Systems
Mohammed Fadle Abdulla An Integrated Solution for Built-in Self Test 1997 Deptt. of CSE, EDEN University
Atul Varshneya Parallel Dictionary Operations: Algorithms and Architectures 1995 BayPackets Inc (Assoc. VP)
A.R. Naseer Realization of Synthesized RTL Structures on LUT based FPGAs 1995 REC Surathkal (Professor)
Naveen Garg Multicommodity Flows and Approximation Algorithms 1994 IIT Delhi (Professor)
Rakesh Kumar Singh Heuristic Search Algorithms in Multi-cost Search Space and their applications to VLSI Partitioning Problems 1994
Sanku Kumar Bose Applications of Invariants in Model Based Object Recognition 1994
B. M. Subraya A practical framework for Formal Verification of High Level Synthesizers 1994 Principal Researcher & Head of the Global Education Center (GEC) at Mysore
Mysore Padmini Parallel Cholesky Factorization and Related Operations for Sparse Matrices 1993 Associate Professor, University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad, WI
Alok Kumar A Versatile Data Path Synthesis Approach based on Heuristics 1993
Manoj Kumar Saxena DISPROS- A Distributed Blackboard Architecture 1991
Rajiv Jain Architecture & enhancement & structure handling in data 1991
Arun Agarwal A framework for Distributed Machine Perception in Understanding Static Natural Scenes 1989
Rajinder Kumar Schdeva Distributed Information Systems & Simulation of Project Activity Networks 1989
Sanjeev Saxena Design and analysis of some combinatorial and computational geometry problems for parallel execution 1989 Professor at IIT Kanpur
J. Cheriyan Algorithmic Studies in Graph Connectivity & in Network Flows 1988 University of Waterloo
Pratul Dublish Optimization and Expressibility of Relational Queries 1988 Microsoft, Seattle
R.Srinivasan An Investigation of Data Manipulation Capabilities of Magnetic Bubble Devices 1988 Retired from TCS Chennai
Mohinder Nath Gupta Design and Development of Synchronous Termination Detection Algorithms for Distributed Computations 1988
Rekha Jain A Storage and Access Method for Multidimensional Databases 1985 Professor at IIM Ahmedabad
Subhash Bhalla Synchronization and crash recovery in distributed systems 1984 Professor at University of Aizu, Japan
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