Admission to MS (Research) programme in Computer Science

Curriculum and Requirements of the MS (Research) Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Duration. The duration of the MS(R) programme is 4 semesters for full-time students and 6 semesters for part-time students.
    The maximum extensions can be to 6 semesters for full-time students and 8 semesters for part-time students, under special circumstances.

  • Credit Requirements.
    Total credits: 60
    Course credits: 20
    Thesis credits: 40

  • CGPA Requirements. Minimum CGPA requirement for award of degree: 7.0
    Minimum CGPA in course work for continuation of registration: 7.0
  • Regulations for registration.
    • First semester: Full time students to register for 15-20 course credits only; part-time students to register for 6-12 course credits
      Later semesters: Students to register for remaining course and thesis credits. Part-time students required to complete all course credits in the first 4 semesters.
    • There are no core course requirements (other than the thesis)
    • All Post-Graduate level courses of the CSE Department are available to the student for course credits. Courses offered by other departments may be taken for credit on the advice and approval of the programme coordinator / thesis supervisor.
    • Student will register for courses on the advice and approval of the MS(R) programme coordinator (first semester) and the thesis supervisor (subsequent semesters).
  • Conversion from full-time to part-time on approval by Dean PGSR on recommendation of the DRC, on completion of course credit requirements.
  • Supervision
  • Supervision
    • Maximum 2 thesis supervisors. DRC to assign thesis supervisor within 2 months of registration in Semester 1.
    • DRC will constitute a 4-member SRC
    • SRC will monitor thesis work, based on written reports and presentations made every semester and will recommend number of thesis credits considered as cleared at the end of the semester.
    • X grade will be awarded for continuing thesis research.
  • Evaluation and Examiners
    • Submission of synopsis one month before submission of thesis. Pre-synopsis seminar to DRC.
    • Dean PGSR to appoint external examiner on receipt of title and synopsis of thesis, from a panel of 4 experts recommended by supervisor and approved by DRC. Cannot be from sponsoring organization in case of sponsored candidates.
    • Examination board = thesis supervisor(s) and external expert examiner.
  • Thesis Grading
  • Thesis Defence
  • Committee = External expert examiner (from India and outside IIT Delhi), supervisor(s) and SRC.
  • Assistantships
  • On par with M Tech students.
  • Conversion to PhD On application by the student, and on recommendation by the DRC. A minimum CGPA of 8.5 after first 2 semesters is required. Student must satisfy other requirements for admission into PhD programme. The date of conversion is the date of registration in the PhD programme.