List Of Courses

· CSC410: Colloquium (CS)

· CSD310: Mini Project

· CSD411: Major Project Part 1 (CS)

· CSD412: Major Project Part 2 (CS)

· CSD745: Minor Project (MT)

· CSD750: Minor Project (CO)

· CSD851: Major Project Part 1 (CO)

· CSD852: Major Project Part 2 (CO)

· CSD853: Major Project Part 1 (CO)

· CSD854: Major Project Part 2 (CO)

· CSD893: Major Project Part 1 (MT)

· CSD894: Major Project Part 2 (MT)

· CSD895: Major Project (M.S. Research)

· CSL101: Introduction to Computers and Programming

· CSL102: Introduction to Computer Science

· CSL105: Discrete Mathematical Structures

· CSL201: Data Structures

· CSL211: Computer Architecture

· CSL302: Programming Languages

· CSL303: Logic for Computer Science

· CSL316: Digital Hardware Design

· CSL332: Introduction to Database Systems

· CSL356: Analysis and Design of Algorithms

· CSL361: Numerical and Scientific Computing

· CSL362: Simulation and Modelling

· CSL373: Operating Systems

· CSL374: Computer Networks

· CSL433: Artificial Intelligence

· CSL630: Data Structures and Algorithms (MT)

· CSL632: Introduction to Data Base Systems (MT)

· CSL633: Resource Management in Computer Systems (MT)

· CSL665: Introduction to Logic and Functional Programming (MT)

· CSL671: Artificial Intelligence (MT)

· CSL672: Computer Networks (MT)

· CSL705: Theory of Computation

· CSL718: Architecture of High Performance Computers

· CSL719: Synthesis of Digital Systems

· CSL728: Compiler Design

· CSL730: Parallel Programming

· CSL740: Software Engineering

· CSL750: Foundations of Automatic Verification

· CSL758: Advanced Algorithms

· CSL771: Database Implementations

· CSL781: Computer Graphics

· CSL783: Digital Image Analysis

· CSL812: System Level Design and Modelling

· CSL821: Reconfigurable Computing

· CSL830: Distributed Computing

· CSL831: Semantics of Programming Languages

· CSL832: Proofs and Types

· CSL840: Computer Vision

· CSL847: Distributed Algorithms

· CSL851: Algorithmic Graph Theory

· CSL852: Computational Geometry

· CSL853: Complexity Theory

· CSL854: Approximation Algorithms

· CSL855: Models of Computation

· CSL856: Mathematical Programming

· CSL858: Advanced Computer Networks

· CSL859: Advanced Computer Graphics

· CSL860: Special Topics in Parallel Computation

· CSL861: Special Topics in Hardware Systems

· CSL862: Special Topics in Software Systems

· CSL863: Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science

· CSL864: Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence

· CSL865: Special Topics in Computer Applications

· CSL866: Special Topics in Algorithms

· CSL867: Special Topics in High Speed Networks

· CSL868: Special Topics in Database Systems

· CSL869: Special Topics in Concurrency

· CSN110: Introduction to Computer Science & Engineering

· CSP301: Design Practices in Computer Science

· CSP315: Embedded System Design Laboratory

· CSP601: Software Systems Laboratory (MT)

· CSR310: Professional Practices (CS)

· CSS310: Independent Study (CS)

· CSS799: Independent Study (MT)

· CST410: Practical Training (CS)

· CSV880: Special Module in Prallel Computation

· CSV881: Special Module in Hardware Systems

· CSV882: Special Module in Software Systems

· CSV883: Special Module in Theoretical Computer Science

· CSV884: Special Module in Artificial Intelligence

· CSV885: Special Module in Computer Applications

· CSV886: Special Module in Algorithms

· CSV887: Special Module in High Speed Networks

· CSV888: Special Module in Database Systems

· CSV889: Special Module in Concurrency