Uma Mudenagudi
Uma Mudenagudi

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I am a research scholar in the Department of Computer Science, IIT,Delhi. I am persuing my research under Prof.Subhasis Banerjee and Prof. Prem Kalra in the area Augmented reality. I am working in the vision and graphics lab. (VG lab). 

I am working in the field of computer vision. More particularly, I am interested in Super Resolution of images and Video (see the link Research for more details). 

I received MTech degree from IIT Bombay in Communications, from EE department. I worked in the SPANN lab, under Prof: Subhasis Chaudhuri in Defocus and stereo area.

Presently, I have been deputed for PhD under QIP from the department of Electronics and Communication, B.V.B.College of Engg. and Tech. HUBLI.

My thesis copy

MRF models for super resolution in space and time


Super Resolution Using Graph-cuts


Uma Mudenagudi
Department of computer Science
IIT Delhi.

Visualization Lab:VI-432

Tel: 011-2659 6025(lab)

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