CSL373/CS333N Assignment 5: The reading assignment

The objective of this assignment will be to study a component of Linux or some other operating systems. You will need to submit a report outlining the design and implementation (overview of source code) and also make a presetation to the rest of the class. The assignment can be done in groups of four.

Please email me your interests and preferences and I will assign the topics.

Here's the assignment of topics. Let me know if there are any issues.

Suggested topics


  1. Linux booting, initialization, interrupts, syscalls and context switiching mechanism for x86.
  2. IPC and scheduling in Linux.
  3. Linux memory management.
  4. Linux filesystems.
  5. Device driver framework in Linux.
  6. SMP in Linux.
  7. Virtualization in Linux.
  8. The openMosix kernel for clustering.
  9. RTLinux


  1. TinyOS
  2. Rtker

Reading resources

  1. The source code
  2. The Linux kernel
  3. The Linux documentation project
  4. Kernel hacker's guide
  5. LinuxHQ
  6. Kernelbook
  7. KernelAnalysis-HOWTO
  8. Kernel links
  9. Kernel mailing list
  10. The openMosix Project
  11. The TinyOS documentation project
  12. Rtker documentation
  13. Google

Subhashis Banerjee / Dept. Computer Science and Engineering / IIT Delhi / Hauz Khas/ New Delhi 110016 / suban@cse.iitd.ernet.in