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The grading of the course is divided into two major components - Theory and Practical. The weightage of each component is given below.

Sub Component

Lecture - 70

Minor 1
Minor 2

Practical - 30
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3

A student must pass in both the theory and practical components to pass the course. The pass mark for the theory component is 20/70, and for the lab component is 10/30. The grading is relative.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct such as cheating will not be tolerated. The work you submit in this class is     expected  to be your own. If you submit work that has in part or in whole been copied from some published or unpublished source (including current or former students), or that has been prepared by someone other than you, or that in any way misrepresents somebody else's work as your own, you will face severe disciplinary action.

Any detected cases of cheating will be pursued. Penalties can include: receiving a zero on the  assignment (the minimum penalty), failing the course, having a note placed in your permanent academic record, suspension, and ultimately expulsion.