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In this website, Dr. Sarangi will be posting his class notes and slides. The main site for the course is at this link.

Credits : 4   [3-0-2] (L-T-P)

L - Two lectures of 1 hour 15 minutes each will be conducted every week. The venue for the lectures is LHC 111.  

P - The practical component of the course involves lab work.

Thanks to Prof. Partha Pratim Das from IIT Kharagpur for the PPT slides.

Topics Covered
25th July
Course Policies
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28th July
Introduction to Computers
Slides (slides 1..20) Video
1st Aug
Representing +ve Binary Numbers
Slides (slides 1 .. 43) Video
5th Aug
Representing -ve Binary Numbers
 Notes Video , Converting from binary to
              octal/hex (method and proof)
8th Aug
Floating point numbers, Simple C programs
Slides (slides 48 ... 59), Notes
Programs: basic I/O (prog 1, prog 2)
Rounding numbers: prog
11th Aug
Declaring and initializing variables Scanf,
Printf, Types
Notes , Programs (printf, scanf) ,
Slides (slides 21 .... 68)
20th Aug
Character type, type conversion, if statements
Programs (print char, three cases,
rounding, rounding to the next even
)  Slides (expressions, conditionals)
22nd Aug
Loops --> for loop and while loop
test if a number is prime, find kth prime
, Slides (loops)
1st Sept
Minor 1 solutions, Loops, Continue statement,
Definite integral of a curve.
curve, integral, instructions
Minor1 solution: Powers of 2
8th Sept
Pre-increment, post increment operators,
Operators  of the form: +=, *= , /=. Precision
in floating point numbers (.3f), arrays and strings.
hacker earth example, input file
pre and post increment operators
15th Sept
1D arrays, 2D arrays, Making shapes on the
Arrays, Draw a Circle, Draw an ellipse
Slides: Arrays, 2D Arrays
19th Sept
Selection sort, continue statement, switch
case, char to int conversion
Selection sort, continue stmt. example,
break with nested loops, char to int,
gets function, switch case
Slides: Sorting
22nd Sept
Basic Functions, Funcs - II, Prime num.
, find prime and reverse,
different types of arguments
Slides on functions: link
26th Sept
Recursion, and passing arrays by reference
pass by value/reference, palindrome,
rec. factorial, Fibonacci numbers, gcd
Slides on recursion: link
29th Sept
Binary search and recursion
Binary Search, Print all permutations,
Reverse a string
1st Oct
Merge sort
Merge sort, Selection sort
3rd Oct
Pointer arithmetic, Swapping values,
Arrays and pointers
Slides on pointers: link
6th Oct
char pointers, integer points, variable
(local vs global), string comparison
15th Oct
String functions
string functions, search a string, tokenize a string
20th Oct
Function pointers, void * pointers
Function pointers, String sort, Selection
 sort with void * pointers: main.c selsort.c
selsort.h (gcc main.c selsort.c; ./a.out)
3rd Nov
More about pointers
5th Nov
Static vs dynamic allocation (code)
Structures (pointers)
Slides (structures)
Slides (dynamic allocation)
6th Nov
Unions and Applications of Structures
Unions, Unions (pointers)
Code for finding a path through a maze: code
7th Nov
Expression Parsing
Stack of integers
Using a stack for evaluating expressions
10th Nov
Linked lists, stack using linked lists, enumerations
Stack with arrays (used for evaluating expressi
-ons with brackets): code
Stack with linked lists: code
Slides (stacks, queues)
Slides (linked lists)
12th Nov
Queues, Shortest path problems with
queues, File handling
Queue with integers: code
Shortest path through a maze with queues:
Slides: file handling
17th Nov