Vertecs Wednesdays

Reading group in the broad areas of Programming Languages and Systems.

Time: 5 p.m.
Place: 411, Cloud lab, SIT building

Event Calender

Date Presentation Lead Presentation Title
31/10/2018 Shubhani FlexVec: auto-vectorization for irregular loops
24/10/2018 Subodh Sharma On the Completeness of Verifying Message Passing Programs Under Bounded Asynchrony
10/10/2018 Divyanjali Verification of Parameterized Concurrent Programs By Modular Reasoning about Data and Control
03/10/2018 Madhukar Battery Transisiton Systems
01/08/2018 Madhukar Abstraction based Model-Checking of Stability of Hybrid Systems
28/06/2018 Saurabh Joshi Approximation Strategies for Incomplete MaxSAT
27/06/2018 Ankit Bhardwaj, Shailja Pandey IX: A Protected Dataplane Operating System for High Throughput and Low Latency
23/05/2018 Ankit Bhardwaj, Anmol Panda, Shailja Pandey Compiling Packet Programs to Reconfigurable Switches
23/05/2018 Ankit Bhardwaj, Anmol Panda, Shailja Pandey DC.p4: Programming the Forwarding Plane of a Data-Center Switch
20/12/2017 Shubhani Souper: A Synthesizing Superoptimizer
23/11/2017 Manjeet Dahiya Black-box equivalence checking across compiler optimizations
08/11/2017 Manjeet Dahiya Modeling undefined behaviour semantics for checking equivalence across compiler optimizations
04/10/2017 & 11/10/2017 Sanjana Singh Dynamic race detection for C++11
12/07/2017 Shailja Pandey, Ankit Toward Predictable Performance in Software Packet-Processing Platforms
20/06/2017 Shailja Pandey Stream Programming on General-Purpose Processors
12/06/2017 Shailja Pandey The Dataflow Model: A Practical Approach to Balancing Correctness, Latency, and Cost in Massive-Scale, Unbounded, Out-of-Order Data Processing
12/06/2017 Shailja Pandey Mapping Streaming Applications onto GPU Systems
29/03/2017 Atul Shree, Ankit Bharadwaj Discussion on DPDK architecure
15/03/2017 Bhargav, Ankit RouteBricks: Exploiting Parallelism To Scale Software Routers
15/02/2017 Piyus Kedia Simple, fast and safe manual memory management
18/01/2017 Anmol and Manav Verifying bit-manipulations of floating-point
28/12/2016 Rajesh Kedia A Survey of Techniques for Approximate Computing
30/11/2016 Manjeet Dahiya Synthesis of machine code from semantics
19/10/2016 Subodh Sharma Mathematizing C++ Concurrency
21/09/2016 Divyanshu Bagga Environmental Bisimulations for Higher-Order Languages
14/09/2016 Sorav Bansal Hoard: A Scalable Memory Allocator for Multithreaded Applications
07/09/2016 Manjeet Dahiya Types from Data: Making Structured Data First-Class Citizens in F#
31/08/2016 Deepak Ravi Liquid Types
24/08/2016 Subodh Sharma Statistical Similarity of Binaries
17/08/2016 Sorav Bansal Program Synthesis from Polymorphic Refinement Types