CSL373 / CSL633 : Operating Systems : Administrivia

Course Staff

Instructor: Sorav Bansal
Office Hours: Tuesday, 10-11am or by appointment.

Lectures: Tue, Thu, Fri. 11-11.55 (Slot F). VI LT 2


Homeworks: 12 (best six out of seven, 2 marks each)
Minor1: 16
Minor2: 17
Labs: 24 (best three out of four, 8 each)
Major: 31
Total: 100

For labs, you will be allowed a total of 10 free late days. i.e., you can submit your assignment late without penalty provided you stay within your budget of late days. After you exceed your budget of free late days, you will be penalized at the rate of 1 mark per day. i.e., if your assignment had a weight of 7 and you have a late day penalty of 2 marks, you will be evaluated out of 5 for that assignment. The late penalty for any single assignment will never exceed 3 marks. If you submit late, you are responsible for scheduling your demo with the TA. If you are unable to schedule your demo, your submission will not be counted. The accounting of late days will be done at the granularity of one hour. We will provide enough time for you to work on your assignments and advise you to use these late days judiciously to cover unforeseen/emergency situations. No other request for deadline extension will be entertained

Exams will be open book, open notes. You must bring with you the xv6 code listing to the exams as questions may be asked on it.

To know your current score in the course, logon to palasi.cse.iitd.ernet.in and type os-score

Regrading Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your grade in any of the homeworks, lab-evaluations, or exams, you can submit it for "regrading". You should give us a written note explaining which question(s) you think were incorrectly evaluated and why you think so, along with your corrected manuscript. If we find merit in your concerns, we will address them. On the other hand, if we find your regrading request to be frivolous, you will incur a penalty of 1 mark. Your regrading request for an assignment should be received within 15 calendar days of the return of answer scripts.

Also, if you ask us to regrade a submission, we can regrade other questions (apart from the one that you point out) in that submission too.

Academic Integrity Code

Academic honesty is required in all your work. Verbal discussion of assignments is fine but looking at someone else's work and then doing your is not. You must do all written and programming assignments on your own, except where group work is explicitly authorised. If you use parts of a solution or code from other sources (such as Internet, other OSes, etc.), you should explicitly mention it in your submission. Letting your work become available or visible to others is also cheating. The first instance of cheating will straight-away invite an 'F' grade in the course and a referral to the disciplinary committee.