CSL373 : Operating Systems

Sem II, 2009-10

Lecture Slides

Acknowledgements: Many ideas and lecture slides are taken from material by Silberschatz & Galvin, Dawson Engler, John Kubiatowicz, Frans Kaashoek, and Martin Rinard.

Programming Assignments

  1. Process control and IPC
  2. Build your own OS using pintos
(Please submit assignments through moodle).

Instructor's Office Hours: Thursday 10-11am, or by appointment.


  1. IOmeter, Memory, File Sharing, etc
  2. OS for new devices

Written Assignments/Quiz/Exams

  1. Solutions to Assignment1 and Quiz 1
  2. Solutions to Minor 1

Web Resources (mirrored locally)

  1. The Linux Programmer's Guide
  2. The Linux Kernel
  3. Linux Device Drivers

Previous years papers

Academic Integrity Code

Academic honesty is required in all your work. Verbal discussion of assignments is fine but looking at someone else's work and then doing your is not. You must do all written and programming assignments on your own, except where group work is explicitly authorised. Letting your work become available or visible to others is also cheating. The first instance of cheating will straight-away invite an 'F' grade in the course and a referral to the disciplinary committee.