Ph.D. program at CSE, IITD

Admission to IITD CSE Ph.D. program is competitive and prestigious. A Ph.D. student is expected to produce high quality research and publications towards his/her dissertation. The typical Ph.D. duration in Systems is 4-5 years (we evaluate your output rather than your duration of stay). IITD Masters (MTech/MS) students continuing their thesis work into Ph.D. can typically complete both degrees in 5 years.

A Ph.D. student receives a reasonably handsome monthly stipend apart from hostel, lab, and office facilities. Additionally, we typically provide the student additional top-up stipend through fellowships and/or project grants. During summers, the student is encouraged to intern in research labs or other universities both in India and abroad, in order to improve his/her exposure and also identify collaboration opportunities in line of his/her research. We also provide travel funds to our Ph.D. students to attend top-tier research conferences around the world. Overall, our Ph.D. students are our highly valued colleagues; I feel proud and privileged to work with the students working with me.

Here are some useful links, in case you are interested in exploring the Ph.D. program at CSE, IITD further. Also, feel free to send me an email if you have any queries in this regard.