Sorav Bansal's Homepage

Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science,
IIT Delhi.

Brief Bio

Sorav Bansal is an Assistant Professor at the CS department in IIT Delhi, and works in the areas of programming languages and operating systems. His recent research efforts have been around redefining OS abstractions for modern computing environments, investigating superoptimization-based compiler design patterns, and improving virtualization performance. Sorav obtained his B.Tech. from IIT Delhi, and Ph.D. from Stanford University.


Here are the courses I am teaching in the current semester. See all my courses here. (see OS lecture videos here)

Reading group

We meet weekly to discuss recent/classic papers in PL/OS areas. See details here
I spent a sabbatical for one year (2015-16) at IISc Bangalore, and we ran a systems reading group in Bangalore.


Please see some of our publicly-released software at


Please take a look at some discussion on our research at

Select/Recent Publications

(see full publication list

[ APLAS 2017 ] Equivalence checking across modern black-box compiler optimizations is significantly harder than translation validation (draft version, to appear)
[ TPDS 2016 ] The Unicorn Runtime: Efficient distributed shared memory programming for hybrid CPU-GPU clusters
[ VEE 2015 ] Improving Remote Desktopping through Adaptive Record/Replay
[ IPDPS 2015 ] A scheduling and runtime framework for a cluster of heterogeneous machines with multiple accelerators
[ SOSP 2013 ] Fast Dynamic Binary Translation for the Kernel [ talk ]
[ ISSTA 2013 ] Variable and Thread Bounding for Systematic Testing of Multithreaded Programs
[ ASPLOS 2013 ] Efficient Virtualization on Embedded Power Architecture Platforms
[ OSDI 2008 ] Binary Translation Using Peephole Superoptimizers
[ ASPLOS 2006 ] Automatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers
[ WINET 2006 ] Energy Efficiency and Capacity of TCP Traffic in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
[ FAST 2004 ] CAR: Clock with Adaptive Replacement