CS 912: Special Topics in Concurrency (3-0-0-3)

I Semester 2000-01

Course outline

Instructor: S. Arun-Kumar


  1. R. de Nicola: Extensional Equivalences for Transition Systems, Acta Informatica, vol. 24 pp. 211-237, 1987
  2. R. Milner: Communication and Concurrency, Prentice-Hall International, 1989.
  3. M. Hennessy: Algebraic Theory of Processes, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1988.
  4. C. A. R. Hoare: Communicating Sequential Processes, Prentice-Hall India, 1989



Place: VI 401


Minor I (take home)20%
Minor II (take /nfs/home) 20%
Paper presentation 20%
Major 40%
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  1. The Concurrency Workbench -- user manual

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    Minor Exam: Whenever you are ready before 19 Nov (take-/nfs/home).

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    Minor Exam: The week of 17-26 Sep (take home).

  4. Paper presentation schedule
    Francis Sujai & Chockalingam Algebra of Communicating Shared Resourses( slides) Fri 04 Aug 2000
    Rohit Khandekar Relational Coarsest Partition Problem(slides) Tue 05 Sep 2000
    Manish Gaur Chapter 6: Further Examples Tue 12 Sep 2000
    Vinayaka Pandit CCS expressions, Finite State processes and three problems of equivalence Fri 15 Sep 2000
    Parimal Kumar A Theory of Communicating Sequential Processes Tue 26 Sep 2000
    Mohammad Abu Sarwat Priorities in Process Algebra Sat 07 Oct 2000
    Prashant Chugh LOTOS Sat 07 Oct 2000
    K. Suresh Kumar Asynchronous Message-passing; Fri 10 Nov 2000
    Surender Baswana The monadic pi-calculus Fri 20 & Mon 30 Oct 2000
    Bhupesh Kumar Singh The fusion calculus Mon 30 Oct 2000
    Sheth Mahesh Mukund Testing Equivalence as a Bisimulation Equivalence
    Observational Equivalence as a Testing Equivalence
    Tue 07 Nov 2000
    Anup Bhatkar Algebra of Communicating Processes with Abstraction Tue 14 Nov 2000

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