CSL100: Introduction to Computers and Computer Science (3-0-2-4)

I Semester 2013-14

Instructors: S. Arun-Kumar and Subhashis Banerjee

Last modified: Sun Jan 5 10:25:48 IST 2014

Only those students who were not penalised in the assignment marks and who still received an "E" grade are eligible for Remajor. Click here for the list of students who are eligible for the remajor to be held on Mon 06 Jan 2014, 16:00 in IIA 501 (Bharti Building, CSE Seminar Room). All those who received an "E" grade but are not eligible need to repeat the course. They are advised to contact their respective Departmental course advisors as to when to repeat CSL100.

No student will be allowed to sit for the Remajor without identity proof. So please bring your identity cards.

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SML programs SML-Python programs Python programs

Important general notes

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S. Arun-Kumar