CSL750: Foundations of Automatic Verification (3-0-2-4)

II Semester 2013-2014
Instructor: S. Arun-Kumar

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Lectures Slot F
Tuesday11:00-11:50 IIA 201
Thursday11:00-11:50 IIA 201
Friday11:00-11:50 IIA 201
To be announced


  1. S. Arun-Kumar: Handwritten notes of FOAV 2010.
  2. Baier C, Katoen J-P.: Principles of Model Checking, MIT Press 2008.
  3. R. Milner: Communication and Concurrency, Prentice-Hall International 1989.
  4. S. Arun-Kumar: Formal Verification using The IITD-Concurrency Workbench (slides in pdf format)
  5. S. Arun-Kumar: Lectures on LTL (hand-written notes in pdf format)
  6. S. Arun-Kumar: Lectures on CTL and mu-calculus (hand-written notes in pdf format)
  7. Marco Pistore: Nu-SMV: Model-checking : Lecture 1 (pdf-slides)
  8. Marco Roveri: Nu-SMV: Model-checking :Lecture 2 (pdf-slides)
  9. H.R. Andersen: An Introduction to Binary Decision Diagrams(Postscript-gzipped)

S. Arun-Kumar

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