Final Presentation Schedule for CS905

Date Presenter Presentation Topic
Tuesday, 29th Oct. Akash and Tarun "Group Strategyproofness and No subsidy via LP duality" Kamal Jain and Vijay V. Vazirani (1999). [ citeseer, ppt ]
Friday, 1st Nov. Dhan Mahesh and Satyavrata "Perfectly Competitive Innovation," Boldrin, M. and D. K. Levine (2001). [ paper, related paper ]
Tuesday, 5th Nov. Ishan and Puneet "The Utility Concept Applied to the Theory of Insurance" by Karl Borch. [ link ]
Friday, 8th Nov. Deepak Sethi Topics in Evolution of Cooperation. [ links ]
"Does Mother Nature Punish Rotten Kids," Carl T. Bergstrom and Theodore C. Bergstrom. [ link ]
Friday, 8th Nov. Ankur Narang "Selfish Behavior and Stability of the Internet: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of TCP," Aditya Akella et al. (2002) [ pdf ] and related papers.
Saturday, 9th Nov. Vishrut and Anuj "iBundle: An efficient ascending price bundle auction" by David C. Parkes. [ citeseer ]
Tuesday, 12th Nov. Akshat and Rahul "How bad is selfish routing?," Tim Roughgarden and Éva Tardos (2000). [ citeseer, ppt ]
Friday 15th Nov. Vineet and Mohit "Market Equilibrium via a Primal-Dual Type Algorithm," Nikhil Devanur et al. (2002). [ ps ]
Saturday, 16th Nov. Ravi Krishna and Mayank Bansal "A Modest Proposal for Preventing Internet Congestion," Andrew Odlyzko (1997). citeseer ]
"Analysis of Paris Metro Pricing strategy for QoS with a single service provider," R. Jain, T. Mullen and R. Hausman [ pdf ]
Saturday, 16th Nov. Tushar and Mayank K. "Sharing the cost of Multicast Transmission," Papadimtriou, Feigenbaum and Shenker (2001). [ citeseer ]
Tuesday, 19th Nov. Deepak Ajwani and Amit Kumar "Bad Reputation" [ pdf ], and "When is Reputation Bad," Ely, Fudenberg and Levin [ paper ]
Thursday 21st Nov. Amit and Vikas "Equilibrium, games and pricing in transportation and telecommunication Networks," Eitan Altman and Laura Wynter; [ ps ];
"Competitive Routing in Networks with Polynomial Costs," Altman et al.[ ps ];
"Differential QoS and Pricing in Networks: where flow control meets game theory," Peter Key and Derek McAuley. [ citeseer ]
"Selfish Traffic Allocation for Server Farms," A. Czumaj, P. Krysta and B. Vöcking. [ link ]
Friday, 22nd Nov. Keshav Kunal and Ashish Rastogi "Truthful mechanisms for one-parameter agents" [ citeseer ],
"Frugal Path Mechanisms" [ citeseer ppt ],
"An approximate truthful mechanism for combinatorial auctions with single parameter agents," Archer et al. [ pdf ]