COL781 Computer Graphics

Assignment 2: Hierarchical Modeling and Animation

Due Date: 6.3.2017 (Part A) and 10.3.2017 (Part B)

This assignment has two parts. The first part (A) involves modelilng and animation of a frog with following features.

The second part (B) will involve a frog and insect game. The idea here is that an insect is defined as some simple shape which can be moved through the mouse as the mouse is moved on a plane. The frog attempts to follow and try to eat the insect. The game is over if the frog eats the insect or if the total elapsed time is more than a limit. The movement e.g., speed of the frog may be controlled through a key press.

This part (B) also has a bonus component for creativly using multiple frogs and insects. You are required to create a scenario with multiple frogs and insects and show their interactions.