COL781 Computer Graphics

Assignment 1: Ray Tracing

Due Date Extended: 29.1.2017

Implement recursive ray tracing with the following features

  1. A scene with objects of the type: polygon (plane), and sphere. While specifying the object one needs to give the geometry and material properties. Include (affine) transformation of the above generic objects for generating interesting scenes.
  2. Local illumination model with diffuse, specular and ambient components.
  3. Multiple light sources.
  4. Global illumination with reflection, refraction and shadows.
  5. Implement anti-aliasing using supersampling.
  6. Input using a file (your own format or a general format e.g. povray compliant)
  7. Specify eye/camera in viewing coordinate system as done in the viewing pipe line.
  8. Perform intersection computation in world coordinate system.