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Project Groups

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Basic Guidelines

CSL341: Team should consist of 3-4 students. The goal is build on some existing piece of research work for a problem of your choice. A good part of the project can be understanding and re-implementing the idea(s) presented in an existing set of research papers. You should do a thorough survey before starting your implementation. There should be at least some novel component (say 15-20%) where you enhance an existing idea.

CSL 865: Team should consist of 2-3 students. Here the project is meant to be more like a term paper. This should involve identifying/reading existing research papers for a problem of your choice, understanding them well and putting together a survey. You should also identify the potential future directions for enhancing the work. A basic implementation (like a proof of concept) would help strengthen your project (though it may not be required in every case).

Broad Directions

Here is a list of broad application areas that you can decide to choose your project in. This is by no means an exhaustive list. You should feel free to pick an application area of your own choice.
  • Graphics and Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Web-Mining/Text-Mining
  • Web Search and Ranking
  • Computational Biology
  • Opinion Mining
  • Computational Finance
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Automated Game Playing
  • Program Verification and Debugging
Instead of working in a specific application area, you can also decide to work on a problem that addresses a core machine learning question (for instance, proposing a new/improved version of an existing learning algorithm), though chosing such a project may turn out to be somewhat more ambitious.

You may find the following page useful for getting more ideas. In particular, look at the "Suggested Ideas" section. Also, look at the pointers mentioned in "Feb 18th meeting" section. Note: You should ignore the deadlines posted here, as we will have our own set of deadlines.

Pointers to Other Class Project Ideas


Mid-term Evaluation
  • We expect you to provide precise problem definition and the scope of the work. Additionally:
    • CSL341 students are expected to demonstrate basic implementation and some preliminary results.
    • CSL865 students are expected to provide a broad overview of the papers surveyed till now and the underlying theme.
  • Report should contain motivation, introduction/problem formulation, related work, work done so far and work planned in the remainder of the semester.
  • You will need to bring a draft of your mid-report on the day of in person evaluation to faciliate discussion. It is ok to make small changes to it before the final submission.
  • In Person Evaluation Schedule: Click here
  • Report Submission Deadline: Sunday October 20, 11:50 pm.
  • Submit your Report here.
  • Weightage - 25% (of the total project score)

First Project Draft
  • Submit a 1 page write-up of what you would be doing for your class project. This should include problem definition, existing work, scope of the proposed work and relevant references. You may refine some of the ideas as you go along - that is fine. But you should make the write-up as comprehensive as possible.
  • Weightage - 10% (of the total project score)
  • Deadline: Friday Aug 30, 11:55 pm.
  • Submission Link - Coming Soon!
  • Only one member in each group needs to submit the report.
  • Late submissions will incur a penalty of 20% for every additional late day.