Entity Resolution with Markov Logic

[March 13, 2012]: There are few changes to the assignment below. Changed parts are marked in blue.

In this assignment, we will solve the Entity Resolution problem using Markov Logic as discussed in the class.
  1. Download the Alchemy software.
  2. Download the following two MLN files for the Entity Resolution problem.
  3. Download the following two datasets (already given in the Alchemy format):
  4. Carefully identify the non-evidence (query) and the evidence predicates.
  5. You will perform the following steps for each of the two MLN rule files given above.
  6. Consider the AUC obtained for the two different MLN settings. Which results are better? Is it what you would have expected? Comment.
  7. For each of the MLN settings above, separate out the results for bibliography prediction, author prediction and venue prediction. Compare the AUCs for each of these cases separately. What do you observe? Comment.
  8. Read the paper Entity Resolution with Markov Logic. Which MLN models in the paper do the above two MLN settings correspond to? Do your results in the part above corroborate the qualitative findings in the paper? Comment.
  9. Extra Credit:

Turn in the following material: Coming up soon!