Turning To The Masters - Motion Capturing Cartoons

Chris Bregler, Lorie Loeb, Erica Chuang, Hrishi Deshpande


A Simplified Implementation

This is a simplified implementation of the paper titled "Turning To The Masters - Motion Capturing Cartoons" which appeared in SIGGRAPH 2002. The original paper may be found here.

The main thrust was towards understanding the challenges in the process involved and the solutions offered by this paper. I will not dicuss the paper in this report, rather what I did and what I learnt. Below I give a brief description of my work.

Motion Capturing Cartoons    
  1. The Presenation - How I showed it to others ...

  2. Affine Capture and Retargeting - U think this is easy .. sigh !!

  3. Key Deformations - Cartoons, .. will deform like cartoons !!

  4. 3D Retargeting

  5. The Output - At the end of it all ...

  6. References and Acknowledgments

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