Stylistic Reuse of View-Dependent Animations


We present in this paper a technique for stylized reuse of view-dependent animation. We illustrate with an example, how can an unique animation be synthesized by reusing the view-dependent variations of the same character. We start with a sequence of sketches given by an artist, create the view-dependent model corresponding to the sketches and then generate the view-dependent animations by moving the camera in the generated view-sphere. We are able to blend across multiple view-spheres to create complex motion sequences. We then compose animations generated by movement of multiple cameras to get two instances of a single character to perform as two different characters doing different actions in the same animation


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Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass (6.7 Mb AVI)


Stylistic Reuse of View-Dependent Animations
Parag Chaudhuri, Ashwani Jindal, Prem Kalra and Subhashis Banerjee

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