COL759: Cryptography and Internet Security

Instructor Naveen Garg, 515 Bharti
Text Introduction to Modern Cryptography  by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell
Reference Texts
M.Bellare and P. Rogaway, Introduction to Modern Cryptography
Course outline (tentative)
Source (KL unless stated)
July 25

July 28
Private Key Encryption, Historical ciphers and cryptanalysis
Chapter 1
Aug 2
Perfectly secret encryption: Vernam's cipher, Limitations, Shannon's thm
Chapter 2
Aug 4,8
defining computationally secure encryption, constructing secure encryption schemes, Security again CPA, 3.1-3.5
Aug 11
Pseudorandom functions
Bellare's notes

Evaluation Mid Term, Assignemnts (2), Major