Classical Music on the internet

The best collection on the net... : RealAudio (not downloadable!)
Some full length mp3's (server is down these days).
Some full lengh mp3's currently host some sitar and dhrupad only.
A lot of short pieces, different raags, and some long ones.
So many samples of different raags and artists.
Excerpts from 78 rpm's era and from a defunct BROADCAST label.
An extensive collection of  78 rpm's, videos, and some other old recordings.
Smt. Vijaya Parrikar library of excerpts of almost all conceivable artists.
Some full length pieces by Mallikarjun Mansur, Jasraj, C.R. Vyas, etc.
Check out Ulhas Kashalkar and his gurus like Ram Marathe, Gajananrao Joshi and their guru.
Listen to Mohammad Hossain Sarahang's recordings and other Afghani musicians.
Parag Chordia's music course have many samples and full renditions online.
Recordings of many old masters (especially many Pakistani musicians).

A good site with old filmi music.