List of recommended papers

  1. Sparsh Mittal. A Survey of Techniques for Approximate Computing: ACM Computing Surveys, May 2016. [link]
  2. Matthias Gries. Methods for evaluating and covering the design space during early design development. Integration, the VLSI Journal, 38(2), 131-183. [link]
  3. Farzad Samie et al. Distributed QoS Management for Internet of Things under Resource Constraints. CODES/ISSS 2016. [link]
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  5. Massoud Pedram. Power minimization in IC design: principles and applications. ACM Trans. Des. Autom. Electron. Syst. 1, 1 (January 1996), 3-56. [link]
  6. Alan Burns et al. A survey of research into mixed criticality systems. ACM Computing Surveys, November 2017. [link]
  7. Anne Farrell et al. MEANTIME: Achieving Both Minimal Energy and Timeliness with Approximate Computing. USENIX ATC, 2016. [link]

Other reading materials

  1. How to become good at academic research writing? [link]